Distinguishing the Difference between Alphabet Creams

If you’ve recently been to a beauty supply store or even to a drug store to purchase some makeup products, chances are that you’ve seen rows and rows of beauty products labeled BB cream, CC cream and perhaps even DD cream. BB creams first became popular in the Asian market back in 2008 and then hit the US and European market later in 2010. A huge cult following later, CC creams were introduced and now, beauty companies are starting to launch their own versions of DD creams. You may have tried a few BB and CC creams and, if you’re a makeup junkie, maybe even some DD creams but do you know what the differences are between these 3 alphabet creams? Here’s a breakdown of what each of these products are as well as what makes them different from one another. Read on and see which alphabet cream is best for you.

  • BB creams – the BB in BB cream stands for either ‘blemish balm’ or ‘beauty balm’ depending on which brand you’re looking at. BB creams offer good coverage – it’s lighter than actual foundation but a bit heavier than tinted moisturizer. It’s the perfect middle ground between the two and it does the job of both and even more. Aside from coverage and moisturization, BB creams also offer sun protection as it has added SPF. Some brands also have anti-oxidants added in them to promote younger looking and healthier skin. You can also use BB creams if you want to achieve a dewy effect on your skin. No primer is needed before wearing BB creams. In fact, it can function as a primer itself, too. It’s perfect for when you want something light to use on an everyday basis.

bb bb cream bb cream makeup

  • CC Creams –the CC in CC creams stand for ‘color correcting’. This alphabet cream aims to correct skin issues such as redness, sallowness and uneven skin tones. It is slightly lighter than BB creams which means coverage is even sheerer so you may need to top it off with another product to get good coverage on your skin. The texture of CC creams is lighter and fluffier compared to BB creams. Can CC creams replace concealers? That depends on the severity of your skin issues. If you’ve got light to moderate skin issues, a bit of CC cream should be enough to make your skin flawless but if you’ve got pimples, bumps, and acne scars, you may still need to use a concealer. Just like the BB cream, CC creams have SPF, too as well as other beneficial features. Perfect if you have skin discoloration issues.

cc cream makeup cc cream cc crema CC

  • DD creams – there is no final say yet as to what DD means in DD cream. Back in 2012, a beauty trade website said that DD creams were in the works and that DD meant Daily Defense but just recently, Julep launched its own DD cream with DD meaning ‘Dynamic Do-All’. This DD cream by Julep is said to be a hybrid between BB and CC creams which aims to, as the label suggests, do it all: foundation, moisturizer, primes, sun screen, color corrector and an anti-aging cream all in one bottle although what really sells it is its anti-aging factor. Perfect if you want to get rid of wrinkles and fine lines on your face.

dd dd cream dd cream makeup