Dramatic Eye Makeup Ideas

The holiday season is here which means it’s going to be one party after another yet again. Have you decided on what look to wear for each party yet? If you’re looking for an eye makeup look that will really get you into the holiday spirit or something that will surely make you stand out from the crowd in a party, we’ve got you covered! Here are some dramatic eye makeup ideas that you can use for this season’s merrymaking festivities:

  • Super smokey eye – just when you thought the smokey eye was the ultimate dramatic sexy eye makeup look there is out there, the super smokey eye came to picture. This makeup look is perfect if you want something really dark and sultry. You can create this look with lots of different styles but the main focus here is the color. To get a super smokey eye, the use of very dark colors like black, plum and dark brown. Use one for a monochromatic look or combine colors for more depth and dimension.

super smokey eye makeup super smokey eye

  • Cut crease eye makeup – this dramatic eye makeup will have people staring at you in awe, for sure! The cut crease eye makeup is a very precise makeup look that needs a good hand along with really nice brushes. It can be a little tricky to do the first time so make sure you practice beforehand.

cut crease makeup

cut crease

  • Chunky glitter eye makeup – now this one ought to really bring out the holiday spirit in you! Chunky glitter eye makeup may not be your everyday makeup look but it sure is perfect for parties, holiday or not. You’ll find that some makeup brands make eye shadows already with chunky glitters in them but if you can’t find one or don’t want to splurge on something you’ll only use once, you can also improvise.

chunky glitter eye makeup chunky glitter eye makeup look

  • Metallic eye makeup – if you’re not comfy with the idea of chunky glitters on your lids but still want a somehow shimmery look, you can opt for metallic eye makeup instead. It gives you the glow of glittery eye shadow and at the same time gives you the comfort of regular ones.

metallic eye makeup look metallic eye makeup

  • Intense cat eye makeup – sure, we’ve all seen the guidelines and whatnot to achieving the perfect cat eye but when you want something bold and dramatic, the guideline’s gotta go and you just have to stick to and trust you creativity and your wandering hand. Go intense with the cat eye makeup by lining both lower and upper lids however you feel most bold and daring yet comfortable with. The intense cat eye makeup can be a dramatic eye statement all on its own.

intense cat eye intense cat eye makeup