Easy Eyeliner Tips to Get You Looking Like a Pro

Applying eyeliner around the eyes is the perfect way to frame your gorgeous peepers. Depending on how you wear eyeliner, it can make your eyes look bigger or smaller, closer or far apart or you can also use it to ‘change’ the shape of your eyes. Getting the perfect eyeliner look can be a little tricky, though, even if it’s just the most basic style. you have to make sure they’re (almost) identical, that one is not thicker than the other, that they don’t smudge, or that they don’t have you looking like a panda after an hour of lining your waterline. There are lots of different kinds of eyeliners out there: pencil, liquid, powder, gel but each of these have their own pros and cons, too, that does not assure us of the perfect look every single time. Here are some easy eyeliner tips that you can use to have you looking like a pro in no time:

  • Start with pencil – we all know that liquid or gel liner is more intense when it comes to color / pigmentation but if you’re a newbie at using eyeliners, we strongly suggest you start with pencil liner because it’s much easier to erase if you make a mistake. Kohl pencil liners are very soft so they don’t poke your eye too hard and they give off great color, too.

colored liner cute liner look

  • All day eyeliner – spending the whole day out with estimated zero time to touch up? Make sure your eyeliner lasts and don’t smudge by using a concealer. Just dab and blend your concealer under the lower lash line after you’ve put on eyeliner and the concealer will make your liner last all day in place.

dramatic thick liner

easy eye liner

  • White liner – when you hear eyeliner, you probably immediately think black and brown liners but white eyeliner also exists (along with a multitude of other colors) and they do a great job at making your eyes look fresher and more awake. Simply apply white eyeliner along the lower inner rim of your eyes for a well-rested look even after a very tiring night. Also apply on the inner corners to get bigger and brighter eyes.

extended liner

  • Pencil before liquid or gel – to make sure you get both eyes done equally, start lining your eyes with a light pencil liner and then use it as your guide and trace the lines with liquid or gel liner. This lessens the chances of getting thicker lines on one eye and a thinner one on the other.

simple eyeliner smudged eyeliner

  • The card trick – the card trick is the perfect way to get a fabulous angle for doing a wing tip. Simply place a card against your eye at an angle that you prefer and line your eyes. This will prevent crooked lines so you get the perfect wing tip even if you don’t have steady hands.

thick outer lines white eyeliner

  • Smudge it for a quick smokey eye – impromptu night out after work? No worries, just take your eyeliner and apply it on your lash line then smudge it with your fingers to get a quick sexy smokey eye. You can also do this on the outer corners alone for a nicer smokey eye look.

basic eyeliner