Easy Ways to Switch Up Your Look from Day to Night

There are just some days when your whole day is packed with activities from work and non-work related stuff like meetings and errands that sometimes having plans for the evening after work just seems so impossible because you barely have time to change into something else and do a different makeup look. Going from desk to dinner in an instant is tricky if you don’t know what to do so we’ve come up with some tips and tricks on easy ways to switch up your look from day to night without too much effort. If you constantly find yourself struggling to get home from work, change into something for the night and then head back out again, this may just be what you need.

  • Bling it on – jewelry doesn’t take up much space in your purse so if you have a full day ahead and you also have plans for the night, make sure to stash in some statement bling in your purse – a pair of gorgeous drop earrings, a chunky necklace, a beautiful and eye catching statement ring – just anything that’s really fun and bold. Needless to say, choose pieces that will go well with your day outfit. Once you’ve logged out of work, just pop your statement jewelry quickly before you go and you’re ready for the night!

day to night bling statement necklace

  • Throw on a blazer – got a really nice dress that’s too dressy for the workplace? A blazer can help you dress that down. If you think your dress is too fancy for work, just throw on a blazer on top while you’re in the office and then take it off before you head out and leave. Make sure your dress isn’t too short or tight, though, as these kinds of dresses can be tricky to dress down, even with a good blazer.

cute day to night outfit

jumpsuit and blazer

  • Change up your makeup – daytime makeup looks call for softer, lighter, more subtle and more natural colors and that makes a great base for night time makeup. Start with a fresh, light and natural makeup look for work (touch up throughout the day if necessary) and build your way into a darker, sexier and more sultry look by night. You can do this by adding darker shadows, more coats of mascara and liner to your eyes or sporting a sexy vampy lip color.

easy sultry makeup simple nighttime makeup

  • Day to night hair – the bun is an easy hairstyle that you can easily create and wear just about anywhere and everywhere which makes it a really great day to night kind of hairstyle. It’s also a great 2-in-1 hairstyle. Just coil your hair into a bun throughout the day and then release it at night to get instant sexy waves (or curls, depending on your hair texture and the technique you used to do the coils).

versatile sock bun sexy loose waves

  • Mess it up – women used to make sure they looked perfect before leaving the house, no matter if it was day or night. Today, though, we’ve come to embrace the messy look as something sexy and totally wearable, especially for nighttime looks. Messy hair can be achieved just by changing your part and tousling it a little bit then setting it with hairspray (easy, right?). As for makeup, it doesn’t literally have to be messy but smudged eyeliner around the eyes sure makes one heck of a sexy smoky eye variation. If you are super pressed for time, this is something you can do in the car or just right before you head off to your date / the party.

soft smudged look gorgeous messy hair