Elegant Hairstyles to Wear on Special Occasions

Going to a special occasion is very exciting. The moment you get your invitation, you start planning for the look you’re aiming to achieve. One of the key things to think about when planning out your look for a certain special event is how you would wear your hair. Elegant hairstyles are always very pretty to look at and can do wonders for your whole ensemble. A simple dress can look really chic when worn with the right hairstyle. Some of the elegant hairstyles we love for special occasions are:

  • The classic top knot bun – this is a timeless classic that truly never goes out of style. A sleek top knot can make a simple dress look so sophisticated you’ll find that jewelry and accessories aren’t even needed anymore. This hairstyle works for medium length to long hair but it can be tricky if you’ve got short layers. This is also one of the simplest and easiest elegant hairstyles that you can do at home without any help.

jlo top knot

clean classic top knot

  • The French twist – this has always been a favorite at many red carpet events and weddings because of how simple yet classy the look of this hairstyle is. The French twist chignon goes very well with almost any dress that you may want to wear. This hairstyle is perfect if you want a more exciting and more detailed hairstyle than the classic updos.

French twist updov

french twist

  • The chignon – the cute and elegant little chignon is something you’ll often find in bridal magazines. This very romantic and elegant hairstyle is another favorite for brides and bridesmaids alike. It is one of the many elegant hairstyles that can be worn sleek or messy but would either way still look great.

polished royal chignonmesy side chignon

  • Side swept curls – if you’re not a big fan of updos or if your dress simply calls for a more romantic hairstyle, big curls may just do the trick for you. Setting your hair in curls that are voluminous and big and parting them only to one side gives a very modern and sophisticated look.

side parted curlsside swept curls

  • Tousled bob – if you haven’t got time to grow your hair long enough for those fancy updos, you can always go for the tousled bob. This hairstyle, as the name suggests, is perfect if you have bob cut hair whether freshly cut or growing out. The tousled bob is a very relax, laidback yet elegant and effortlessly chic hairstyle but despite that, achieving the perfect level of messiness and ‘bed head’ vibe can be a little tricky.

cool tousled bobtousled bob hairstyle