Exciting Ways to Wear Bold Lips

One of the things that I really enjoy about doing my makeup everyday is picking out which lip color to sport. Bright, bold and vibrant lip colors never cease to tickle my fancy. They’re always so tempting to wear but we all know not all places and events call for these kinds of lip colors. On days when you get to wear such statement lip colors, though, how do you wear them? We’ve created a list of our favorite exciting ways to wear bold lips below; check them out and tell us how you like to wear yours! Bold lips are one of the biggest trends of this season, after all.

  • Matching lips and nails – being all matchy matchy with just about anything used to be tacky but it’s what beauty and fashion trends are all about these days. One of my favorite ways to wear a bold lip is to pick a color that I can match my nails with. It’s subtle yet so fun and it also somehow gives you that pop of color on your overall look. The shades don’t have to match exactly. A bright red lip, for example, can be paired with maroon nails.

nails nails and lips

  • Bold lips and natural eyes – this is actually one of the ‘general’ rules when it comes to wearing bold lips. Since your lips are already a statement in and of itself, a simple eye makeup look is enough to complement it. Besides, you wouldn’t want to be taking the attention away from that gorgeous lip color, now, would you? You can actually skip the shadow and just use mascara and liner when you have bold lips on but if you do choose to use shadow, you should pick light and neutral colors to get a simple and natural look.

simple eye makeup

simple eyes

  • Bold lips and bold brows – if you want to draw some attention to your eyes while wearing bold lips, though, what you can do is to do bold brows instead. Sporting bold brows is another trend that’s hot for this season and combining these two fabulous trends produce results that are just amazingly stunning! Note that bold brows don’t necessarily have to be thick and bushy all the time so don’t feel compelled to rock that Ugly Betty brow look if you don’t think it would look good on you. Simply going a shade or two darker with your brow already makes it bolder.

brows brows and lips

  • Bold lips and dewy skin – oh, this combination is just so divinely sexy and seductive! If you think about it, this combo may break some of the ‘rules’ we were taught when we were getting started with beauty and makeup but it also proves that breaking the rules once in a while can give you great results.

dewy dewy skin

  • Bold lips and dramatic eye liner styles – feeling like a rebel? As mentioned earlier, one of the ‘rules’ when it comes to wearing bold lips is to pair it with simple eye makeup so as not to take the attention away from your lips. If you’re brave enough for a really daring look, though, wear dramatic eyeliner styles with your bold lips. A thick wing tip, an extended cat eye, a sultry arabesque style – anything but the plain ol’ simple liner look.

dramatic liner dramatic