Eye Shadow Colors You Should Have in Your Makeup Collection

If there’s one makeup product I think more women should spend on, it’s eye shadows. You don’t necessarily have to buy the pricey ones but I think that spending some cash looking for the perfect eye shadows that will make your eyes pop is something that you should do every once in a while. One color may look great in ads or on your friends’ eyes but that doesn’t guarantee that it will look god on you as well. There are lots of different factors to consider when picking out eye shadow colors and these factors include your eye shape, your eye color, your skin tone and the over all eye makeup look that you’re going for. If you’ve just started to build your makeup collection (and even if you already have one that’s growing by the day), make sure that you have the staple eye shadow colors that work for all kinds of makeup looks and all eye shapes and colors. Here are some eye shadow colors that you should have in your makeup collection.

  • Shimmery champagne – this color is a must have for women of all skin tones, eye shapes and eye colors. You can use shimmery champagne on its own and you can also use it as a lid color or a highlight color on your brow bones. If you’re looking for a quick and classy eye makeup look for dates, you can simply pack on some shimmery champagne shadow and add a flirty wing tip liner and you’re good to go. You can also use this color as a base for matte colors that you want to add a bit of sheen to.

shimmery champagne shadow natural look with champagne shadow

  • Baby pink – baby pink or light pink eye shadow is another must have in any woman’s makeup collection. Just like shimmery champagne eye shadow, this color can be used on its own or to create various eye makeup looks. This spring, especially, you’ll get so much use out of baby pink eye shadow because one of the biggest  makeup trends is pastel lids and you can use this color to achieve that.

soft pink and orange eye makeup

baby pink eye shadow

  • White – whether it’s matter or shimmery or metallic doesn’t matter. What matters is that you have a white eye shadow that you can use in different ways. White works great as a highlight color if you want something that’s not too obvious. You can use it on the inner corner of your eyes to make them look brighter and you can also use white eye shadow as a base if you have less pigmented eye shadow colors that you want to use as it will make the other color look more vibrant.

white eye shadow eye outline minimal black and white makeup look

  • Chocolate brown – chocolate brown is another eye shadow color that you can simply sweep all over your lids on its own but there are also several different looks that you can create with it, the most popular one being a daytime smoky eye. You can also use chocolate brown eye shadow on the outer corner of your eyes if you want to give any look a deeper, subtly sexy and sultry smoky look.

dark brown eye makeup chocolate brown eye shadow

  • Black – yes, it may be a color too intense for some but believe me, you will thank yourself for getting black eye shadow on days when you unexpectedly run out of eye liner because black eye shadow can easily be used to line your eyes as well. It’s also a must have color if you like wearing smoky eye makeup looks a lot.

intense black eye shadow jet black lids