Just as those in fashion, beauty trends come and go. Often, these change along with the seasons though there are looks that can be considered ‘timeless’ that have been proven to look good on just about anyone. Now that the colder days of fall and winter are almost over, it’s time to change up your beauty routine. Check out these fab beauty trends to try for spring and summer.

  • JUST ROLLED OUT OF BED – good news for all the lazy girls out there (like me!) and those who just can’t seem to wake up early enough every morning to do a decent hair and makeup look in time before leaving: the messy hair trend aka the ‘just rolled out of bed’ look is back! Now, you don’t have to worry about getting ever strand in place before you head out. If you got time on your hands, you can even perfect the imperfect look by back combing your hair, tousling it around and even pulling a few pieces out.messy-hairmessy-long-bob


  • THE HALF MANI – forget about trying to get each nail covered in polish perfectly, the half mani trend is a beauty trend that will let you cover up any imperfection on your mani with either a cute design on another color. Use stencils or foils to give your nails a more intricate look or mix and match colors that create high contrast for an interesting look.half-mani-style


  • JET BLACK LINER – if you don’t already have one in your makeup arsenal, now is the time to pick up the blackest black liner you can find. This coming spring and summer, bare eyes with nothing but the blackest black liner on the lash line is going to be one of the biggest trends so make sure you’re well-stocked.black-liner-bare-eyesblack-liner


  • LOW PONYTAIL – this is the beauty trend of the season that you hair will thank you for. Low ponytails are less damaging to the hair. They don’t pull on your locks as much as tight high ponytails do and they’re perfect for creating an easy and laidback vibe as well.low-ponytail-hairstylelow-ponytail


  • PASSIONATE KISS – this spring, we’re going back to bold and romantic lips. Plums, pinks and reds are the lip colors to stock up on. These colors will be the biggest lip colors for the season so start looking for a shade that will flatter your skin tone now! Help your lovely lip colors last all day by reading these tips.perfect-red-lipspretty-pink-lips