Fancy Anime Hair for Women

When it comes to popular hairstyle, anime hair is one of the trendiest. These hairstyles can be usually seen on cosplays and sometimes on the runway. But for the bold and the fearless in fashion, these people can be seen wearing anime hair styles even on a normal day. People with anime hair can either be wearing wigs, or they can have hairs that have been purposely dyed. The popularity of these hairstyles has increased since the start of the costume plays, where people can dress up as their favorite characters. There is no doubt about it; anime characters look fabulous with their gorgeous hairstyles and clothes.

One of the anime long hair that women can wear is the blonde look. This look is popular among Asians since most of them have dark colored hair. There are a lot of anime characters with this kind of hairstyle.

Blonde Wig Anime Hair


For fantasy roles, anime curly hair is popular. This kind of hairstyle is used when the person is playing the role of a fairy, a goddess, a nymph, or a princess.

Curly Anime Hair Style


Since anime hair ranges from the usual colors to the most bizarre ones, expect to see ladies with bubblegum pink hair.

Curly Pink Anime Hair


A long tress of pink hair is attractive if the woman has fair skin. This lady looks fabulous with her goth-like costume. When going to cosplays or costume parties, goth costumes don’t always mean that everything has to be black.

Long Pink Anime Hair


There are special anime pink hair that can be bought in costume shops. These wigs have been customized to look like the hair of the character being imitated.

Pink Anime Hair Women


Real nurses can’t have a hairstyle like this, but when it comes to anime world, nothing is impossible.

Pretty Anime Hair Style


Anime hair can also be accessorized with simple hair decorations. Wigs such as these come in different lengths and different qualities.

Pretty Blue Anime Hairstyle


Fulfill your dreams of having a red hair just like the Little Mermaid. As they say, you’re never too old for anything. It can also be used with other costumes. Even a schoolgirl costume can be worn with red hair.

Red Anime Hairstyle Cosplay


Make your costume look less scary by pairing it with hair that seems to be out of place, such as this blue wig.

Straight Blue Anime Hair


An anime short hair such as this has been perfectly paired with a gorgeous headdress. This can be worn if one is playing the role of an anime queen. White anime hair can be worn by both female and male costume players.

White Headdress Anime Hair