Have Fun With These Fun Hairstyles



Women have various options when compared to men not only when it comes to dressing but also hairstyling, they just love to pamper their hair with new styles each time and make themselves look better, cute and to bring out their best prominent features. Fun hairstyles are some of the hairstyles that are different to try and involves funky braiding, colorful hair extensions, hair bands, side pins etc. these fun hairstyles are easy to comb and you needn’t require the help of your stylist to beautify you, just easy combing and styling at home is more than enough to flip your style the way you want it to be.

Fun braid with loose curl updo

Fun braids and updo

Partially colored hair color:

Bob cut for straight hair with side partitioned front bangs will look absolutely stunning and will look great for any kind of face cut, be it round, or long face. Color the part of your hair with your favorite color of go for hot streaks of red colors to give the hot and chic look.

color fun hairstyle

Emo hairstyle:

Emo hairstyles are gaining popularity these days and if you would love to try emo hairstyle, just go for it, and style it with a headband or scarf with skull design to bring out the funky freaky look.

Emo fun hairstyle

Messy Updo with front bangs

Try this messy updo with a side partitioned neatly combed front bang and adorn your style with beads, chains, flowers or anything that you fancy and can wear it on your hair. Isn’t this hairstyle looking super hot and sexy? How about you try this one if you have a medium hair length?

Messy fun hairstyle

Funky purple hair

This colorful purple hair, will give you the fun hairstyle look, not necessarily you should go for a purple hair color, you can also try different colors like red, orange, yellow and so on.

funky purple hair

Springy curls

For all those girls with curly hair can try this fun hairstyle with short curls, and easy to style hair, comb your hair neatly and apply serum to soften the hair and maintain them well conditioned to prevent tangles.

curly hair

Wavy hair with purple streaks

Use large barrels to curl your hair or if you have a naturally wavy hair, you can use colorful extensions or  go for streaks hair color that will highlight your hair and your looks.

fun hairstyle with purple streak

Fun retro hairstyle for long hair

Fun hairstyle for long hair