Gorgeous Blonde Hair Color Ideas

When we say blonde, most people pertain to the very light blonde color that most Caucasians have. However, there are several blonde hair colors that differ on the tinge and the darkness of blonde that you can choose from. Blonde hair is usually high maintenance because you need to maintain that deep conditioning since you would not want to appear washed up because of your very light hair. If you are eying for blonde hair, here are some of the blonde hair color ideas that you can have for that pretty locks:

Blush Blonde

If you have fair skin and you don’t want to look washed out, you can go for blush blonde for that extra color in your hair. This color uses a strawberry blonde undertone with gold highlights to add warmth to the cheeks.

Blush Blonde

Vanilla Blonde

Vanilla blonde is the lightest among the blonde hair colors ideas. It is pertained to as baby blonde. However, touch ups on the roots every three weeks is needed for this type of color because you would need to maintain that vanilla blonde color throughout your hair. Go for bright golden blonde hues with pale highlights to make your vanilla blonde livelier.

Vanilla Blonde

Sun kissed Blonde

Sun kissed blonde is a perfect hue for brunettes wanting to shift to blonde. This sun kissed blonde mimics the effects of the sun on the hair. You can achieve this by painting lightening creams of different shades without foil.

Sunkissed blonde

Rose Gold

Rose gold is actually a multidimensional golden blonde hair color ideas. This consists of honey, golden and apricot hues to brighten the face.

Blush Blonde

Sandy Blonde

Sandy blonde is a lighter shade of blonde that combines cool highlights with bright blonde. This hair color is very flirty, but make sure to get regular touch ups if you want to maintain the sandy hue.

Soft Sandy Blonde

Grown-out Blonde

Grown-out blonde is another gorgeous blonde hair color for women. If you already have grown out your highlighted hair, you can have this grown-out blonde hair color for a  natural look and hide the demarcation line on the hair.

Grown-out Blonde

Ombre Blonde

Ombre blonde is another idea if you want to hide the demarcation if you already have growing hair. As opposed to grown-out blonde, ombre blonde uses darker hues of gold.

Honey Blonde Ombre


Bronde is the color that you get when you want the most natural blonde hair color. Bronde is actually a dark blonde color with some shades of dark ash.

Bronde Hair Color

Kim Kardashian also wears a bronde hair color.

Dark Blonde

Buttery Blonde

Buttery Blonde is suitable for women with hazel or brown eyes because it reflects the lightest flecks of the eyes. Use a base color that matches the lightest fleck of the eyes to have a perfect match.

Buttery Blonde

Before having a blonde hair color, better check the hair color ideas for blondes to get that perfect blonde for your hair.