Gorgeous Celebrities with Strawberry Blonde Hair

Isn’t it amazing how one person can influence the way you want to look? Celebrities don’t only entertain us through media, a lot of them also influence the way we dress and carry and present ourselves. In return, celebrities always try to make sure they keep up with the trends and stay stylish to set an example for their fans. Celebs are often one of the biggest fashion inspirations for some women. In case you want to know, here are some of the hottest female celebrities who are rocking the strawberry blonde hair color:

  • Scarlett Johansson – now who could resist the beauty and charm of this lovely lady? A lot of young girls look up to Scarlett Johansson as a style and beauty icon. Scarlett’s sexy strawberry hair is definitely to die for, especially when she wears it in luscious curls and a lot of women take her hair color as their inspiration for dyeing hair.

scarlett johansson hair scarlett johansson

  • Jessica Alba – now who doesn’t adore this lady? Her transformation from being the sexy teeny-bopper dancer in the hit film ‘Honey’ to now being an awesome mom is just adorable. All throughout those years, Jessica Alba never failed to be a beauty icon. She especially looked gorgeous when she colored her hair strawberry blonde.

jessica alba hair

jessica alba

  • Emma Stone – another sizzling hot and sexy beauty icon, Emma Stone, rocks the strawberry blonde hair color. Emma looks very pretty in her shade of strawberry blonde because of her fair complexion. Because Emma is so fair, the reddish-blonde color on her hair tends to pop more. Emma proves you can get sexy strawberry blonde hair regardless of whether you curl it or not.

emma stone emma stone hair

  • Blake Lively – Serena from Gossip Girl is indeed an icon to be reckoned with. Blake is never afraid to show her style and she’s one of the celebrities you can count on when you want to see what’s new in the beauty and fashion scene. Like the other celebrities mentioned above, Blake also rocks strawberry blonde hair and her tan skin is a wonderful complement.

blake lively hair blake lively

  • Isla Fisher – this lost won’t be complete until Isla Fisher is on it. Isla made her mark when she played the lead role in the novel turned film ‘Confessions of a Shopaholic’. From there, Isla has always been on the top lists of stylish celebrities. Isla’s strawberry blonde hair is very gorgeous and always shiny and healthy looking. Her hair color is one of the major things that keeps Isla looking youthful and fab.

isla fisher hair isla fisher