Gorgeous Hairstyles that Make You Look Thinner

When you go in to a salon and hear the hairstylist ask the client ‘What hairstyle or haircut would you like today?’ the most common answer you’ll hear is ‘Anything that would make me look thinner’. It’s true. Most women are always conscious of their body and they’d take all measures to make sure to keep and look slimmer.

As you know, there are different face shapes and each of these shapes have certain hairstyles that look good and not so good on them. If you are reading this, chances are that you have a round facial shape, thus the need for hairstyles that make you look thinner. Here are some hairstyles that might help you achieve just that.

  • Long layers – having long layers in your hair makes your curves appear softer. A rounder face will benefit from layers that fall near the lines of the cheekbones as this will highlight your bone structure strongly and will make your face look more contoured. The ideal length for hairstyles with long layers would be anywhere past the chin.

wispy layers

gorgeous layers

  • Asymmetrical bob – this is perhaps the only kind of bob you should go for when it comes to hair. Any other kind of bob, short, blunt or whatnot should be avoided at all costs. The asymmetrical bob is cut shorter on the back and goes longer towards the front. This is ultra chic and sleek and is super easy to maintain so it’s convenient for those who don’t have much time to style their hair.

short bob

sleek asymm bob

blonde asymmetrical bob

  • Voluminous hair – it’s always more flattering for round faces to have voluminous hair instead of pin straight hair. The latter will just frame and hug your face in all the wrong ways and will do just the opposite of what you are trying to achieve. Instead, go for soft curls or waves.

volume big waves

long curls with volume

  • Side parted hair – if your hair is naturally parted in the center, try giving yourself a side part. Parting your hair to the side could make you look a few pounds less as this would accentuate your cheekbones and give you more contour.

beyonce side part

side part

side parted

Remember that the first thing to looking good is feeling good about yourself. Give yourself the treatment that you think you need for you to boost your self-confidence to a whole new higher level. When you feel good about yourself inside, your outside beauty is sure to shine.