Gorgeous Lipstick Colors to Wear for the Season

Say goodbye to dark, rich, and warm lipstick colors and hello to brighter, more fun and more vivid hues! I’m assuming that by now you’ve already stashed away at least half of your fall and winter lipstick colors and are starting to build your spring and summer lip color arsenal. For spring time, fun and bright colors are in. Check out this list of gorgeous lipstick colors to wear for the season and see which ones you would like to add to your lipstick collection for spring.

  • Coral – coral is such a nice, bright color that you can wear for spring. Coral lips are perfect because you can wear it with just about any skin tone. This means it’s that kind of lipstick you can take with you on a trip because it looks good with your natural skin tone and even when you already have your tan on. What’s more is that you can wear it from day to night so you don’t need to carry two different lipsticks around.

coral lips coral

  • Bright red – red is one of those lipstick colors that you just can’t have too much of. It looks good on all skin tones, it fits all occasions, you can wear it from day to night and you can wear it no matter how old you are. For spring though, up your red lip game up a bit and switch to a brighter red color like a tomato red or a fire truck red. The more vibrant the color is, the better it’s going to look.


red lips

  • Orange – orange lips are one of the biggest makeup trends for spring. Orange was the lip color of choice among the best beauty and fashion powerhouses during the 2014 Spring Fashion Week and we love that it’s going to be everywhere for the season! If you’ve always worn red lips and want to try something else for a change, go with orange. Just like red, this lip color looks amazing on just about any skin tone.

orange lips orange

  • Magenta – for those of you out there who are into bright, bold statement lips, here’s a fun lip color for you this spring: magenta! It’s very vivid and it also has a flirty hint to it. it’s another one of the lip colors for spring that you can wear from day to night with just a few touch ups and a swipe of gloss. This lip color is perfect on those days when you just want to look and feel fabulous. Glamorous and feminine all at the same time.

magenta lips magenta

  • Nude – with all these bright colors to choose from, sometimes it can be overwhelming. Don’t worry, nude lips are another trend to follow for spring and if you’re feeling like you’ve worn too much color for the past few days, just tone it down a bit and wear a nude lip for a change. Choose a nude lip that comes closest to the natural color of your lips and top it off with gloss to make it look more girly.

nude lips nude