Gorgeous Long Layered Hairstyles with Bangs

Do you have long hair and want to break the boredom of having even length and straight hair? Well, getting layered hairstyles with bangs for long hair is one of the ways by which you can give a fresh look on your straight and long hair. if you are deciding which haircut you are going to take, here are the most gorgeous long layered hairstyles with bangs that I have encountered:

An anime inspired hair such as this one is very appropriate for cute and petite ladies. The hair is beautifully layered with side swept bangs. This hairstyle is also best for those with very thick mane because it creates a thinner look at the ends.

Asian long layered hair

Taylor swift looks very young with this long hairstyle with bangs.  To achieve this look, get  a layered cut with below the brow bangs and blow dry the hair inwards for that natural curl at the ends.

Chic long layered hair with bangs

This haircut is actually similar to the previous style, only that the ends are left freely flowing for that beautiful straight hair. The hair is also parted on the side so that the bangs appear slightly side swept.

Long and straight hair with bangs

If you have wavy hair, a long layered hairstyle will also fit you. Just get your waves cut in layers and leave a long side bangs for a more natural look.

Long curly layered hair with bangs

If you have wavy hair, it doesn’t mean that you cant get bangs such as this one. Keep the upper half of your hair straight and leave the ends to have their natural waves.

Long hair with bangs

For ladies going to office for work, this long layered hairstyle is just very appropriate. Get a perfect layered cut and blow dry inwards to highlight those beautiful layers. If you are younger, I recommend not to have this hairstyle because it will make you look more mature.

Long layered hair with bangs

A long layered cut can also be achieved even if you have smaller curls. Jennifer Lopez looks younger with her bangs and creates a fresher look on her face.

Long layered hair

Long layered hairstyles with side bangs is also very chic and sexy such as this one. Keep the layers starting from the chest downwards for that long layering effect.

Pretty long layered hair with bangs

If you desire breathy and natural layers, get this layered hair from the back instead of having your hair layered at the sides only. Match with uneven bangs to compliment the look.

Sexy long layered hair with bangs

Katy Perry looks very stunning in her dark black hair with golden highlights at the ends.  To create this look, get a layered cut with thinner ends and part the bangs at the center.

Zooey Deschanel long layered hair with bangs

There are various hairstyles that you can get with long hair and one of them are these layered hairstyles with bangs.