Gorgeous Party Makeup Ideas

Deciding on what makeup look to wear to a party can be pretty difficult. There are a lot of things you need to consider before you can decide on which look to pull off. Those things include what kind of party it is that you’re going to, the time when the party is going to happen (is it going to be during the day or is it going to be at night?) and whether it’s a wild kind of party, a tame one or the more formal kind? Whatever kind of part it is, here’s a list of some gorgeous party makeup ideas you can use:

  • Nude face, red lips – this makeup look is such a classic and you can wear it to most parties that you get invited to, be it a wedding party, a birthday party, an engagement party or whatnot. This makeup look is perfect if you’re already sporting a show-stopping dress because it won’t compete with your outfit but you can also use it along with a really simple ensemble for an effortlessly chic look. Make sure you get your red lipstick in the shade that flatters you best or you might end up looking like you have yellowish teeth. Add a flirty flick of eyeliner on your eyes to instantly add a retro vibe to this look.

red lipstick red lipstick makeup

  • Sexy, sultry smoky eyes – if you’re looking for a makeup look that you can wear to nigh time parties like those in clubs, you can go for smoky eyes. Smoky eyes are super sey and sultry which is perfect for clubbing. It may look like a lot of work but this makeup look is actually quite easy to achieve. You’ll just need a few neutral / earth tone colors and blend them on to your eyes to create a dark and smoky effect. When wearing this makeup look, keep the rest of your makeup to keep the focus on the eyes.

smokey eye look

smoky eye

  • Cut crease eye makeup – looking for a more avant garde kind of makeup that you can wear to a certain party? Why not try the cut crease eye makeup look? Use different hues and keep it colorful to really make your eyes pop. There are a lot of makeup tutorial videos on this kind of look so you should have no problem recreating it. You’ll also see a lot of pictures on the cut crease eye makeup look that you can take inspiration from.

cut crease eye makeup cut crease eye makeup

  • Light and natural – for daytime parties that don’t require anything too formal or dressy, light and natural makeup would do. A foundation with sheer coverage, conceal to hide spots and scars if any, light blush and tinted lip glaze is often enough for this look. You can also use liner and mascara for more defined eyes and a bit of neutral shadows on your lids to make your eyes pop.

light and natural makeup light makeup

  • Rosy smoky eye – a lot of people say that smoky eyes are more appropriate for nighttime parties and not day time ones but if you’re feeling like wearing a smoky eye to a daytime party, you can always do it. do it with lighter colors, though. Switch up your regular smoky eye consisting of blacks, browns and grays with a more fun and flirty version that consists rosy hues like pinks and reds. Add a bit of bronze or brown to it to get a real smoky effect.

rosy smoky eye rosy smoky eye look