Gorgeous Plum Makeup Ideas

Plum may not be the most common choice when it comes to color in makeup but believe me; plum does wonders for a lot of women. This color is very versatile which makes it even more loveable. It’s not easy to pull off and it isn’t picky when it comes to complementing skin tones and eye colors. This dark, rich and luscious color is perfect for cold days like winter because it gives you a very warm and sometimes even sensual look. Below are some plum makeup ideas that you can try out:

  • Plum smokey eye – give the traditional smokey eye a sexy new twist and recreate it using plum and other shades of purple. This look is a rather festive version of the classic sexy smokey eye but is nevertheless up to par when it comes to looking gorgeous and fabulous.  When doing a plum smokey eye, avoid using silver as your highlight color and opt for lighter shades of purple, like lilac, instead.

plum smokey eye look plum smokey eye

  • Plum eye makeup on green eyes – women who have green eyes look extra sexy and fabulous when they put on plum eye makeup. The plum color brings out the green color of their eyes even more and can help make the natural eye color pop. You can choose to wear light plum eye makeup if you’re wearing it for day time or make it darker if you’re wearing it for the night.

green eyes and plum makeup

green eyes and plum makeup look green eyes and plum

  • Plum eye liner – if you want a quick and easy way to take your look to a whole new sexy level, all you need to do is use plum eyeliner on your eyes. Although black liner does a great job at defining the eyes, plum liner adds more fun and excitement to your overall look. This is also a great idea if you want to try out using the plum color in your makeup but aren’t bold enough to do a full plum eye.

eyeliner plum eyeliner plum color

  • Plum lips – generally, darker lip colors tend to give you a more mature look and a lot of women avoid this simply because they like to keep themselves looking young and vibrant. This winter, however, dark lips are all the rage and plum is one of the hottest colors to try out! When using a plum lipstick, remember not to put on too much so you can avoid looking older. Wearing gloss over your lipstick can also help keep you look fun and young.

plum lips plum lips makeup plum lips look