Gorgeous Rainbow Hair for Women

The traditional brown, black, blond and red color of hair has been replaced by the rainbow hair trend. Whether you like simple neon highlights, or you intend to fully have rainbow hair dye on your locks, for sure you are going to make heads turn. A lot of celebrities are setting this trend and in the process, influencing young girls and women as well. Rainbow hair is one of the hottest fashion trends that will perfectly complement summer outfits and looks. Here are some ideas for the rainbow colored hairstyles for women.

If hair of different colors is too much for you, why not try with your bangs first? This cool and punk hairstyle should be an inspiration.

Bangs Rainbow Hair Color


The colors of this hairstyle are combined perfectly. It can be seen that the rainbow hair streaks are not in groups, but rather, it is separated gorgeously.

Beautiful Long Rainbow Hair


To add some twist to a rainbow hairstyle, there are also glitter hair extensions which you can attach. It will be a perfect look for a party.

Glitter Rainbow Hair Color


When plain hairstyles get too boring, rainbow hair can be done for a change. Dyeing the hair too much can cause damage though, so make sure that you use damage control hair products.

Gorgeous Rainbow Hair Color


If you just want to have a temporary change in hairstyle, you can have rainbow hair extensions. There are hair extensions which come in many colors.

Hair Extension Rainbow Color


The neon fashion trend is perfect for the summer. It takes a whole lot of confidence to pull of this look.

Hip Rainbow Hair Color


The Nicki Minaj rainbow hair probably put the ignited the spark of interest of people for this hairstyle. Nicki says that she has been obsessed with her hair since she was a little girl. Wearing different colors on her hair is her passion.

Nicki Minaj Rainbow Hair


This hairstyle is a lot different from Goldilocks’ plain blonde curls. There are temporary hair dyes that you can try if you want a change in your look without commitment. That way, you can see if the hairstyle is really for you or otherwise.

Pretty Curly Rainbow Hair


There are times when you are just feeling a bit playful. Play with your hair by attaching some rainbow hair ends. This would be an interesting addition to your day outfit.

Rainbow Hair Extension Short


Play with your whole look during the summer. This is one of the seasons when it is fully acceptable to wear everything in bright hues. Even with short hair, you can have rainbow hair as gorgeous as this.

Short Rainbow Hair Idea