Gorgeous Summer Hairstyles You’ll Love

Summer hairstyles should be two things: cute and practical. Don’t go for a Brazilian blow out if you know you’re going to get your hair wet at the beach and don’t dye your hair blonde just before you go to that pool party because these are surefire ways to get hair that’s not so pretty. If you want to do something with your hair this summer, try doing something less bold and less dramatic so you don’t end up locking yourself up at home because your hair looks ridiculous. Here are some gorgeous summer hairstyles that you’ll surely love and want to sport this summer.

  • Pixie cut – if you live somewhere really warm, I’m pretty sure you’re dying to get your hair cut this summer so you can keep your cool under the summer sun. If you’re looking for a chic hairstyle that’s easy to manage, why not go for a pixie cut? This hairstyle is super sleek and requires very little styling and maintenance so it’s great if you’re a busy woman who’s always on the go without much time for styling her hair every morning.

chic blonde pixie anne hathaway pixie cut

  • Long  asymmetrical bob – if you think the pixie cut is a little too short and a little too “boyish” for your taste, you can always get your haircut done a little longer and go for a bob instead. Asymmetrical bobs are really chic and gorgeous so if you want something that’s just as manageable and low-maintenance as the pixie cut but want it to be softer and more feminine as well, try an asymmetrical bob.

gwyneth paltrow bob

jet black bob

  • Fishtail braids – braids always add that nice, romantic touch to any hairstyle but if you’re looking for something more fun and summery, the best braid style to go for is the fishtail braid. It seems complicated at first since you’ll have to deal with four strands instead of three but once you get the hang of it, you’ll want to do it every single day.

summer fishtail braids red carpet fishtail

  • Loose waves – want something that will remind you of the beach even if you can’t be there every day (I know, it sucks, but we all have lives outside the beach. Ha!)? Why not do loose and natural-looking waves? They’re super easy to do and you can even do it the heatless way (though it takes much longer) if you want a less damaging hairstyle.

beach wave hair loose beach waves

  • Messy top knot – the messy top knot is a sexy but casual hairstyle that you can wear for when you need to run quick errands or when you literally have no time at all in the morning to do your hair and get it up in a fancy ‘do.

imperfect top knot messy top knot

  • Braided headband – for a cute hairstyle that will go perfect with your sweet and dainty hairstyle, try a headband braid. This hairstyle is perfect if you want to do something nice to your hair while keeping it down and not tied up in a ponytail or any other kind of updo.

double braided headbanc braided headband