4 Cute and Easy Ways to Style Your Bangs

Bangs are a great accent to add to any haircut. if you want to get yourself a new look without having to do anything too drastic with your hair, you can always just opt to get bangs or fringes added. There are lots of different styles of bangs. You can have your bangs cut straight across your forehead, on the sides, you can have it full or wispy – it all depends on your face shape. When bangs grow out, though, you may find them in an awkward length at one point. Here are 5 cute and easy ways to style your bangs when you don’t want them hanging out on your face or poking your eyes.

  • Pinned back into a mini bump – this is a really good idea if you want to get your bangs out of your face while wearing another hairstyle like a bun or a ponytail. Simply gather up your bangs to the center, brush it to the back and pin it with bobby pins. You can back comb your bangs if you want more volume to your bump and if you want to get a more retro-ish kind of look. Smooth the bump out and all the little hairs sticking out with a generous amount of styling gel and, if you’re planning to wear the look all day, set it with a spritz of hair spray.

bangs pinback bangs pinned back back pinned

  • Curl them to give your look a hint of vintage – you may be thinking full on finger curls right now and while that may be fine if you’re aiming for a really old-school kind of look, you can also just loosely curl your bangs with a 1inch barrel to give it a nice, soft and girly touch with a subtle hint of vintage to it. You can style your bangs this way when you’re wearing your hair down with curls or waves so that your bangs blend in with the rest of your hair but you can also do it with your hair up in another hairstyle.

curled bangs curled

  • Clip them to the side – get yourself looking younger by sporting your bangs clipped to the side like you did back when you were in school. It’s a really efficient way to get your bangs out of your face and it’s quite a cute look as well. What’s great about styling your bangs this way is that you can do it anytime. You don’t have to do it before you leave the house. Just take a clip of two in your purse and clip your bangs anytime you want them out of your face.

clipped clipped bangs side

  • Braid them – braided bangs are super cute and they’re the perfect way to style your bangs this spring because braids and girly dresses go really well together. Your bangs would have to be at a slightly longer length so you can do this, though. This would look especially cute if you have side fringes that gradually cascade to a longer length. If you want a more matured take on braided bangs, you can try doing a twist braid, too.

 braid braided bangs braided