4 Easy Ways to Style Your Bangs

Adding bangs to your hair is one of the easiest and most inexpensive things you can do if you want to achieve a new look. it’s one of the simple things you can do to get people to think ‘something has changed about you’ but they’re not quite sure what it is. There are different styles of bangs that you can go for but choosing the perfect one can be a daunting task. You’ll have to do your research on what style of bangs would flatter your face shape as well as your facial features and then ask your hairstylist’s opinion about it, too, just for good measure. Once you find the perfect style of bang you’ll have to maintain them, of course, to keep them looking fab. Here some tips and tricks on easy ways to style your bangs:

  • For full blunt bangs – if you’ve got yourself a blunt cut for bangs, the best way to style it and give it body and volume is to use a rounded brush while you run the hairdryer through it. This will make it look rounder, fuller and healthier. It’s also going to make your bangs look sleeker, especially if you’re wearing your hair pin straight. Of course, you’ll also need to visit your hairstylist regularly to trim your bangs once they grow longer and start poking your eyes.

full bangs full blunt bangs full blunt

  • Braided bangs for long side fringes – if your side fringes have grown long enough to be tucked behind the ears, you know it’s time for a maintenance cut. If you haven’t got time for one just yet, though, you can always do something about your bangs to get it out of your face. One gorgeous way to style grown out side fringes is to braid them. Simply start from the hairline and braid your way through the back of the ear and then tie or pin it. You can also braid it all the way and tuck it in with your regular ponytail.

braided bangs braided bangs hair

  • Twisted bangs for long side fringes – another great way to style side fringes that have frown out is to simply twist them up and tuck it on the side. It’s far easier compared to braiding so it’s much doable if you’re pressed for time. The results are equally beautiful, too, but this has a more laidback vibe to it compared to braids. Just like it’s braided counterpart, you can also incorporate this with your ponytail or even other hairstyles.

twisted side bangs twisted

  • Pompadour bangs – if your bangs are bothering you by getting on your face, you can do a simple pompadour with it. simply take your bangs, tease it to give it volume, smooth it out and then do a pompadour by slicking it back and pinning it on to the crown area. You can use clips or bobby pins to secure the hold.  Don’t worry about your bangs being too little to make a big pouf, a mini pompadour is always just as cute as the full sized one. If you’re still crazy about the full sized pompadour, though, you can incorporate your bangs with longer sections of hair to make it.

 pompadour bangs pompadour pomapdour bangs style