4 Essential Hair Tools Every Woman Should Have

Gone are the days when women used to have to go to a salon or a ‘beauty’ parlor just to get glamorous looking hair. Today, thanks to super advanced technology, you can create beautiful hairstyles conveniently at home and it doesn’t take that much time too! A lot of hair tools are now much more accessible and affordable so you can easily do any hairstyle you want without having to leave the house first. With so much hair tools available out there, do you know which ones to buy? Here’s a list of the 4 essential hair tools every woman should have. If you’re planning on building a collection of hair styling tools, these are the ones that you should consider buying first because they’re the most basic ones but they get most of the job done.

  • Blow dryer – on mornings when you don’t have time to air dry your hair but don’t want to step out of the house with dripping wet hair either, a blow dryer will surely come in handy. This is the first hair tool a lot of women acquire since there are so many inexpensive ones available and also because it’s one of the most basic ones. You can use this to dry your hair and you can also use it to give your hair more body and volume. A lot of brands make blow dryers. You can get them in different sizes (compact for travelling, regular for home use), colors and designs. Some give you more control when it comes to temperature and we suggest you get one of those if you want to regulate heat exposure and minimize damage for your hair.

hair blow dry hair blow dry

  • Hot Rollers – hot rollers are not just for creating curls, they’re great for giving your hair body and volume too. What’s there to love about hot rollers, you ask? Well, they’re fairly quick and simple to use. All you need to do is section your hair off and wrap each section with rollers and after a few couple of minutes, you’re good to go. By using hot rollers, you’re also exposing your hair to less direct heat. Most hot roller sets come with rollers in different sizes (usually three: small, medium and large rollers). The biggest size is for giving your hair body and volume and the smaller sizes are for creating bouncy curls.

hot rollers hot rollers hair

  • Ceramic or ionic hair straightening iron – you could see that we specified which kind of hair straightening iron it is that you should get (either the ceramic kind or the ionic one) and this is because these are the kinds of hair irons that do the least damage to your hair. Ceramic and ionic hair irons disperse heat evenly on your hair so you don’t have to run through the same section twice which means less heat exposure and less damage.

flat iron use flat iron

  • Hair brushes and combs – of course, no matter how many hair styling tools you have on hand, your hair wouldn’t look as great or as polished if you didn’t have hair brushes or combs to smooth out the imperfections. For brushes, we recommend you invest on a pure boar and nylon bristle brush to reduce static and promote healthier hair growth. As for combs, any kind will do but don’t forget to get a wide-toothed comb that you can use for wet hair without too much tugging and pulling. These actions cause breakage on your hair when done constantly.

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