4 Quick and Easy No Heat Hairstyles

Everyone wants to look their best every single day, especially ladies, and that includes having your hair in the perfect do. Styling your hair can do so much. It makes you look prettier, it makes your hair look neater and it makes you look well put together in general. Hairstyling used to take up so much time but today, heat makes hair styling a breeze. Heat helps hold your hairstyle up longer. However, heat can also cause damage to your hair and can leave it dry and frizzy. If you’re someone who likes to have gorgeous ‘dos every day, why not give your hair a break every once in a while and do a hairstyle that will let your hair breathe and recuperate? Here are some quick and easy no heat hairstyles to help you out. Some of these hairstyles may take overnight to create while others take less than five minutes so choose depending on how much time you have on your hands.

  • The classic ponytail – if you’ve barely got time to spare for a cute hairstyle, take comfort in knowing that the classic ponytail will always be there to your rescue. This ‘do is so easy, it will take you literally a minute or two to create and you don’t even need any hairstyling tools or products of any kind to do it. of course, if you think it’s too plain, you can always dress it up with cute hair clips, a headband and the works.

ponytail ponytail simple ponytail trick

  • Crimped hairstyle – looking for a hairstyle to wear tomorrow that will make you look gorgeously wild and exotic? Why not try the crimped hairstyle? You don’t need no crimping tool or whatsoever to achieve this exquisite look. All you have to do is braid your hair tight into small little sections and leave it overnight. Take out the braids the morning after and spritz on some hairspray to make your hairstyle last.

crimped hairstyle crimped hair

  • The bun – need a hairstyle that’s quick and requires very little effort but will hold and keep hair off of your face throughout the day? Grab a sock bun. put your hair up in a ponytail and start rolling that sock bun in on your hair. This creates the perfect, fool-proof bun every time. You can put your bun as high up or as low as you want, depending on the look that you’re going for. High buns or top knots are usually more polished and sophisticated while low ones and those on the side are more laidback and casual.

sock bun hairstyle sock bun xok bun hair

  • Natural loose waves – don’t you just love how effortlessly chic natural loose waves look on your hair? Normally, you would be able to achieve this by using a curling iron or a curling wand but if you’re trying to give your hair a break, why not do this: wash your hair and towel dry or air dry until it’s damp then apply some styling gel or mousse on to it and twist it into a random bun. let it dry and set for at least 6 hours (overnight, if you have the time) and then release the bun and see how beautiful loose natural waves unfurl.

natural loose waves nautral waves