4 Ravishing Hair Colors to Try for Spring

Spring symbolizes a new beginning. It’s often the time to make changes in a lot of aspects in your life as well as, of course, in your looks. Makeovers are very popular for spring. A lot of women decide that they want to spice up their looks a little bit during this time of the year. If you, too, are looking for something that you can do about your looks to shake it up without too much drastic changes, why not try dyeing you hair a different color? It’s sure to give you that ‘oomph’ you’re looking for and it’s a fun way to start exploring and experimenting with your looks, too! Here are 4 ravishing hair colors to try for spring.

  • Icy platinum blonde – looking for a hair color that’s going to give you the look of a Hollywood A-lister? Try going platinum blonde. This icy white color has the perfect balance between being both edgy and feminine. It has a really exquisite look to it that, in reality, isn’t that hard to pull off. If you’ve got dark hair and are planning to switch to this color for spring, I suggest you start lightening your locks now. The whole process of getting platinum blonde hair when you have naturally dark hair will take longer since your hair will have to be bleached and colored lighter shades first. I also suggest having a professional hairstylist do your hair so you don’t end up with a chalky blonde color.

platinum platinum blonde hair platinum blonde

  • Romantic rose gold – the color rose gold has been really popular with jewelry trends last year which is why it doesn’t surprise us that it’s also one of the hottest hair colors for spring this year. This golden auburn hue is such a girly and romantic color. With the right mix of shades and hues, this color can look very elegant, especially for fair skinned-women. If you’re looking for something experimental but not loud or bold, you should definitely check out this hair color.

rosegold rose gold

  • Chocolate brown hair – if this hair color’s name alone isn’t enough to make it sound good to you, you should know that chocolate brown hair is the perfect kind of hair color to wear if you want something that’s fool-proof but not too much on the safe side. This hair color can be easily pulled off by anyone, no matter what your skin tone is. The secret, of course, lies in the highlights and the lowlights that you add to it. Ask your hair stylist about warm, dark chocolate brown hair and get opinions on how you can get the most out of it with accent colors.

chocolate chocolate color

  • Jet black – here’s a hair color that’s not too bold of a statement but is surely a rebellious color to switch to if you’ve always had a lighter color on your locks. Jet black hair may seem straightforward, plain and easy but maintaining it can actually be quite a lot of hard work. Make sure you do your home work and research on what to expect for hair care in case you decide to go black.

jet black hair jet black