5 Celebs with Crazy Colorful Hair

Celebrities always look gorgeous and fab, especially on camera, which is why a lot of women look up to them as fashion and beauty inspirations. It may look easy but there’s always some kind of pressure on celebs, too, to look their best. Different celebs sport different styles. Some stick to classic and timeless styles while others are more on the modern side and then there are also those who always seem one step ahead, always wanting to be unique and different from all the rest. One way for these celebs to show their unique sense of style is through their hair. While most celebrities go blonde, black and brunette, fierce and bold fashion-forward ones try to rock unusual colors. Some are able to pull it off quite nicely while some… well, we’ll let you be the judge. Here are our top 5 celebs with crazy colorful hair.

  • Demi Lovato’s Blue hair – looks like Demi’s been getting more adventurous with her looks lately. Demi, whose hair is naturally brown, has colored her hair blonde and then went back to being a brunette and after that, she decided to go blue. She landed on the pages of Nylon magazine with this crazy hair color and quite honestly, it looks good on her.

demi lovato demi lovato blue hair

  • Kelly Osbourne’s Lavender locks – can anyone still picture Kelly with locks in another color other than lavender? Kelly Osbourne has sported the lavender for quite some time now that it has officially become her signature hair color which she almost always pairs with a light pink lip. We just love how confident Kelly is wearing this crazy hair color that makes her look like a doll.

kelly osbourne lavender hair

kelly osbourne

  • Rihanna’s Red hair – now, when it comes to red hair, we all know Hailey Williams of Paramore would undoubtedly first come to mind and sure, she can rock fiery locks but Rihanna just takes red hair to a whole new level! She can make it look as badass as she likes with that Bad Girl Riri attitude but she can also make it look oh so classy as she has proven in her cover photo for Vogue.

Rihanna red hair rihanna

  • Katy Perry’s pink mane – Katy seemed to have really liked dressing up and seeing her hair in different new colors from her video California Girls which is why she chose to keep dyeing her hair various shades. Out of all the colors she used on her hair, though, pink seemed to have looked the best on her. It’s pretty and feminine and it goes perfectly with her gorgeous face.  We also love how she can step out in public with this hair color without looking like a mad woman.

katy perry pink hair katy perry

  • Nicki Minaj’s rainbow hair – you wanna talk crazy colorful hair on celebs? Let’s talk Nicki Minaj. The list wouldn’t be complete without her, anyway. Nicki changes her hair color every so often that it would be a bore to see her with just blonde or black hair. With Nicki’s hair, you never know what to expect. One day it’s half and half of two different colors, the next day it’s loud orange and then the next it’s a fun rainbow streak of different colors and hues.

nicki minaj rainbow hair Nicki Minaj