5 Gorgeous Messy Braid Ideas

Gone are the days when braids used to have to be sleek and tight because today, messy braids are in. As a matter of fact, messy hair in general is hot. Today’s theme when it comes to hair and hairstyles is ‘messy is sexy’. No longer should you bother smoothing out your hair when it starts to look like you literally just rolled out of bed with your hair done. It’s actually something that hairstylists intend to do. Braids are known to be super feminine and romantic. They’re always a nice touch to a very posh hairstyle. Messy braids, though, are even more fab. They not only give a chic vibe; they also add a whiff of sexiness in your look. if you aren’t well versed with braiding your own hair, you’re in luck! We’ve got 5 gorgeous messy braid ideas that anyone, pro or not, can do.

  • Messy side braid – this look is one of the few sexy hairstyles that Blake Lively, also otherwise known as Serena van der Woodsen from Gossip Girl, is best known for. A messy side braid can be made from any kind of braid, be it a French braid, a fishtail braid, a 5-strand braid or any other kind of braid you know. This hairstyle is perfect for lazy days at the beach or for a casual day out. You can wear this with any casual outfit but a dress would really make it fun and flirty. This is a very easy messy side braid hairstyle that you can do and it’s very easy to pull off as well.

messy side braid messy side braid hair

  • Messy French braid – a French braid is one of the most basic kinds of braid that almost anyone is capable of doing. It’s a very ideal braid hairstyle for women who want to really keep their hair out of the way during a busy day. It’s one of those kinds of braids that you can make and just forget about for the rest of the day. A messy French hair braid still helps keep hair away although it’s not as tight and snug compared to the traditional one. The messy French braid is perfect for when you want to add a bit of an interesting look to your hair.

french braid hair

french braid messy french braid

  • Messy French braid bun – now, the messy French braid bun is a more complex variation of the regular messy French braid. It’s the kind of messy braided hairstyle that you can wear to a semi formal kind of event or with an outfit that’s dressier than casual. Despite being messy, it still looks chic and very romantic. This can be done simply by French braiding the hairline going backwards until you reach the back of your head. From there you can coil the remainder of your hair into a bun or keep braiding before doing so.

french braid bun hair

french braid bun

  • Messy half up braid – this hairstyle is one that you can use on a more casual and relaxed day, ideally when it’s not too hot or humid as you will not be having your hair up. Doing a half up messy ponytail only requires you to braid small sections from each side and letting them meet around the back.

half up braid half up messy braid half up

To create a messy braid, remember to braid loosely and pull out some sections when you’re done to give it a very unpolished, rugged but sexy look.