5 Ideas on How to Achieve Heatless Curls

Styling your hair can be a lot of fun. It lets you transform yourself into something even more beautiful and it also lets you express your sense of style. However, a lot of hairstyling can do damage to your hair, especially if you use heat on your hair when styling it. Your hair deserves a break. It needs some time to breathe and get away from stress and damage that styling creates but this does not mean you have to stop making your hair look gorgeous and glamorous. There are lots of ways for you to style your hair with curls with very minimal product and zero heat. Here are 10 ideas on how you can do heatless curls:

  • The sock bun trick – your sock bun is not just good at making your life easier when you need to put your hair up in a decent bun. It can also help you get loose heatless curls. All you have to do is wear your hair in a sock bun like you normally would and sleep overnight with it. In the morning, remove the sock bun and scrunch your hair with mousse or styling gel to hold the curls. If you’ve got thick hair, you might want to section your hair into 2 and wear 2 sock buns to sleep.

beach wave curls straw curls heatless

  • Braids – the easiest, most obvious way to get heatless curls is, of course, to braid your hair. You may have already known this trick from the time you started braiding your hair. That glorious moment of discovery when you unraveled your braids after a long day at school to reveal those curls was priceless. How loose or tight you braid your hair depends on the kind of curls you want to achieve.

braid curls

no heat curls from braids

  • Cocoon curls – this is a very interesting way of getting heatless curls and it works really well too. It’s a rather complicated technique but it gets easier once you get the hang of it. There are lots of YouTube video tutorials on cocoon curls so go watch them if you haven’t already.

noheat curls no heat curls

  • Twisted coils – another easy way to achieve heatless curls is to do twisted coils. As the name suggests, all you do is twist your hair in small sections, coil them up like little buns and secure with clips or bobby pins. You’re going to look a little odd but it doesn’t matter because you’ll just be sleeping in them anyway.

loose curls heatless curls

  • Baby wipes trick – we all know how versatile baby wipes are. You can use them on your baby’s bum, to remove makeup, to clean up some mess but did you know that you can also use them to get heatless curls? All you do is fold your wipe sheets and turn them to strips then roll your hair around the middle part of your wipe strips and work your way up then tie in a knot. Leave them on overnight and in the morning, you’ll get fabulous curls!

gorgeous curls curls heatless

Remember that it takes time to curl your hair without heat so do these at least 6 hours before you need your hair done. Spritzing hairspray will also help hold the curls longer.