5 Romantic Braided Bridal Hairstyles

A woman has to look perfect on her wedding day. This is why a lot of time is needed when preparing for a wedding. The bride-to-be has to scout for the most beautiful dress there is out there for her to wear on her special day, she has to look for exquisite accessories and jewelry to go with her dress, she has to find the best makeup artist to make her look even more gorgeous on her wedding day and, of course, she has got to have the most romantic hairstyle to complete her look. The latter may seem like such a trivial thing compared to the others but it is what really completes a bride’s overall look. For all the brides-to-be out there, here are 5 romantic braided bridal hairstyles that you might want to check out:

  • Bridal Dutch milkmaid braid – want something classy for your hair on your wedding day? Why not try the bridal Dutch milkmaid braid? It’s a really neat hairstyle that you can wear if you plan to wear your hair up but don’t want to sport the traditional bun or other plain and common hairstyles. This hairstyle is ideal of you want an elaborate hairstyle to go with an equally beautiful dress. If you like toying with your hair, you can easily do this yourself as it’s super easy to do but if not, you can always have it done by a professional to get a more polished look.

milkmaid braid milkmaid

  • Waterfall braids – this one is rather tricky to do. You might find this braided bridal hairstyle a bit of a challenge to do on your own so it would be best to take a snap shot of a style you really like and take it to the pros so they can make it for you. Waterfall braids are the perfect bridal hairstyle if you’re looking for something simple, romantic and chic. it’s a rather casual looking hairstyle that you can wear for an outdoor wedding though it would look just as nice for a more formal, church wedding set up too, depending on your dress. This hairstyle looks best with soft curls or waves.

waterfall braid

waterfall braid hair

  • Embellished braids – one of the simplest things you can do to take the romantic look of your hair up a notch is to add on dainty little embellishments in between your braids. Of course, the embellishments would have to go well with your dress. A luxurious and elegant dress would look great with braided hair embellished in rhinestones and gems while a simpler one would look very pretty with flowers on your hair.

embellished braids embellihed

  • Side fishtail braid – this braided bridal hairstyle is perfect for the bride who is looking for something simple to complement an already luxurious and elaborate wedding dress. Fishtail braids are fairly easy to do. They’re very casual-looking and they’re great if you want a hairstyle you can do yourself that won’t stress you out. Doing your fishtail braid all on one side makes it look even more relaxed without losing the romantic touch.

side fishtail hair side fishtail

  • Braided chignon – the chignon is such a classic hairstyle that’s sure to go well with any dress. if you’re looking for a way to spice up a regular chignon and make it look even more romantic for your wedding day, why not add braids? We all know that braids lend an instant romantic vibe to any hairstyle so use that to create a gorgeous hairstyle for your wedding day.

chignon braided chignon