5 Signature Celebrity Hairstyles You Can Steal

Apart from the distinct roles that they play in the movies or on TV, a lot of celebrities are also known for other certain things like their fashion sense and espeically their hairstyles. Often, one celebrity would sport a new look, cut or ‘do and they would look so gorgeous in it that everyone else would follow suit. If you remember watching the first few seasons of the hit TV show F.R.I.E.N.D.S, you probably also remember that chic vintage-y hairstyle that Rachel. played by Jennifer Aniston, wore and you also probably remember how everyone went to the salon carrying a picture of her or telling hairstylists that they want ‘The Rachel’ done on their hair. Here are a few other signature celebrity hairstyles that you can copy and steal:

  • Halle Berry’s wispy pixie cut – amidst all the long and luscious locks in Hollywood, Halle Berry chooses to stick to her signature look and we can clearly see why. Halle Berry’s wispy pixie cut is very sleek, chic and sexy. It’s a great way to really show off your face as well as your beautiful facial features. Aside from that, a pixie like Halle’s really shouts out ‘fierce and bold’. It’s the ultimate power look that you can steal if you want something sexy with a hint of dominance. Aside from that, this hairstyle is super easy to manage, too! Just scrunch some gel in and move it around for a sexy tousled look.

halle halle berry

  • Zooey Deschanel’s heavy bangs and waves – we don’t know why a lot of women avoid getting full and heavy bangs when it’s a really wonderful way to frame your gorgeous face. We love how Zooey Deschanel styles her hair. Her heavy bangs that almost but not quite hit her eyes has been her signature look for years. Most of the time, she wears her bangs with wavy hair though she would pair it with a few updos too, for red carpet looks. This look is very stylish and mod and is slightly retro as well.

zooey deschanel


  • Rachel Zoe’s beachy waves – don’t you just love Rachel Zoe’s sense of style? It’s very laidback, chic but also very fabulous in every way. We also love how she pairs almost all of her looks with loosely wavy hair all the time. What makes her loose and beachy mane even more iconic is how she almost always tops it off with a wide brim hat. I remember seeing Rachel on the Rachel Zoe Project show having her bangs cut and quite honestly, those bangs made her signature hairstyle super cool!

rachel rachel zoe

  • Kate Middleton’s bodacious blowout – if there’s one lucky lady who could get away with just having her hair done with a blowout, it’s the Duchess of Cambridge. I guess it’s because her face is already super stunning that her hair doesn’t need much work. Despite that, Kate Middleton still managed to land a spot in our list of celebrity signature hairstyle because we just love how she always has her hair looking effortlessly lush.

kate kate middleton

  • Olivia Palermo’s glossy center part – no matter if her hair is done straight, curly or wavy, long, midlength or short, you can expect Olivia Palermo to always have her hair parted nicely in the middle. We also love how she manages to keep her hair looking silky and shiny all the time. This signature look of hers is definitely steal-worthy if you want something vogue.

olivia olivia palermo