6 Celeb Inspired Shades of Blonde

Planning to dye your hair blonde but can’t decide which shade to go for? Celebs are always a great inspiration for us women when it comes to things that are fashion-, style- and beauty-related so why not take a look at what shade of blonde your fave celebs are wearing? You’ll most likely find someone with a color you like and you can totally rock. Just scour the internet for picture, print it out, show it to your hairdresser and voila! You have the perfect shade of blonde to rock all season long! Check out these celeb inspired shades of blonde that you can take inspiration from for your next hair appointment.

  • Ciara – Ciara’s shade of blonde is very playful. You’ll see that her hair color is more of a bronzy blonde shade because her blonde streaks rest on a brunette base. The blonde part is slightly graduated, revealing darker roots up top and going lighter down the bottom. It’s perfect if you have darker hair and are going blonde for the first time as this color will be easier to achieve than anything lighter and purer.

blonde on brunette base ciara

  • Rosie Huntington=Whiteley – Rosie has naturally blonde hair though her natural shade of blonde is slightly darker than what she sports today. If you take a closer look at Rosie’s hair, you’ll notice how her golden blonde hair color blends perfectly well with her natural dark blonde hair which seeps through in chunky streaks.

rosie whiteley hair

golden blonde hair

  • January Jones – we just love how January works her blonde hair with so much confidence. January’s blonde hair is a mixture of creamy light blonde with streaks of golden blonde strategically placed to highlight her face. It looks very natural despite the dark roots that show (you can always touch that up from time to time) and it’s the perfect take on the modern Hitchcock blonde look.

january jones blonde

  • Naya Rivera – we all know Naya has really dark hair as seen on her days on Glee but now that she’s taking the blonde route, we’re really happy at how she decided to have her hair progress from one color to another instead of bleaching it and getting a lighter color in one go. We aren’t sure if this is the color she’s finally sticking with or if she’s going lighter in the future but we love how her dark blonde caramel-y streaks mix with her natural dark hair. The look is to die for!

naya rivera hair color progression

  • Taylor Swift – Taylor is a true blonde beauty. She’s been blonde all her life and she’s one of the lucky few who have a natural ash blonde color in her hair – a shade of blonde that takes time to perfect. It’s a shade women would pay tons for to have. If you’re in the same color as Taylor and you’re planning to try out other shades of blonde, make sure to stick to ashy, pale shades as anything too golden tends to go yellow on your hair very quickly.

taylor swift blonde hair ash blonde hair

  • Cameron Diaz – her hair has been blonde for as long as I can remember seeing her on TV, movies and magazines. I’ve seen pictures of her with darker hair but I think nothing suits Cameron more than her signature bleachy blonde hue.

bleached blonde look cameron diaz