6 Easy Hot Weather Hairstyles

The summer heat has been getting hotter and hotter by the day and I’m pretty sure there are days when you just want to cut all of your hair off because it’s just everywhere, making you feel even hotter! Thankfully, you don’t have to do that because you can simply put your hair up in a cute ‘do and you’d be good to go. If your hair is bothering you and you’re looking for cute new ways to get it out of the way, check out these hot weather hairstyles that you can wear all day, any day.

  • Ponytail – the easiest yet more effective way to get hair out of the way is to put it up in a ponytail. Now, I know not everyone is willing to wear this basic and simple look every day and you don’t have to because you can always spruce it up and do lots of variations. You can wrap it up, add braids, twist, loop – all those different things. Here are some of the chicest ways to wear your ponytail. You can also check out the photos below and get inspiration for other ponytail variations.

high ponytail cute ponytail variation voluminous high ponytail

sleek ponytail hairstyles

  • Bun – another easy way to get hair out of the way during the summer is to put it up in a bun. The bun is such a classic and timeless hairstyle that anyone can pull off. There are lots of ways to wear a bun: chignon-style (the more elegant variation), top knot, low bun, side bun and more. Just like the ponytail, you can tweak it as well and spruce it up in lots of different ways.

braided bun

easy messy bun messy low bun posh top knot romantic simple side bun

  • Pixie cut – for women who are too busy to do their hair up every day, I suggest you chop it off and go for a pixie cut instead. This hairstyle is super sleek and chic, it’s perfect for getting that posh and sophisticated look. It may be a bit too boyish for some but you can always soften up the look by adding fringes or pretty hair accessories to it.

blonde pixie cut chic pixie vut anne hathaway pixie cut

  • Milkmaid braid – if you’re looking for something a little bit fancier and more romantic, you can also sport a milkmaid braid. At first glance, this hairstyle may look a little complicated but when you figure out how to do it (and it’s really just braided pigtails wrapped around), you’ll see how easy it actually is and how simple it is to do every day.

twisted milkmaid variation messy milkmaid braids easy milkmaid braid hair chic milkmaid braid

  • Bob – now, if you love the idea of having super easy hair like a pixie but don’t like how short it is, you can opt for a bob instead. A bob is slightly longer and more feminine and it’s easier to grow out as well. Though the hairstyles you can do to a bob are limited, there’s really no need for much since it’s short and manageable anyway.

long blonde pixie wavy pixie cut cute bob cut hair

  • Pigtails – for a more fun and young look, try wearing pigtails. This hairstyle will definitely bring you back to your childhood when your mom did your hair for school. It’s easy, it’s great for those who want to look younger and it gets hair out of the way. You can give this a more grown up twist by bumping up the volume and teasing your hair or doing it with messy braids.

braided pigtails fishtail pigtails grown up pigtails pink braided pigtails messy pigtails