6 Pretty Ways to Wear a Ponytail

One of the easiest and most convenient hairstyles you can do to get hair out of your face and have it looking polished and chic is a ponytail. It’s one of the first hairstyles you learn as a kid and as you discover more about other hairstyles by watching how celebs are styled and by looking into newspapers, you come up with more ways to wear a ponytail. The ponytail is very versatile and can be worn no matter what look you are going for, be it a formal look, semi-formal, fancy, casual, athletic or romantic. Here are 10 pretty ways to wear a ponytail.

  • Wrapped ponytail – one way to dress up a simple ponytail is to simply dress it up with a wrap. To make the wrap, just do your ponytail the regular way you do it then take a section of hair from the underside and wrap it around the band and secure with bobby pins.

wrapped ponytail wrapped

  • Sweet low side ponytail – always wearing your ponytail in the middle tends to get boring over time. Up your ponytail game and do a sweet low side ponytail. This look is perfect if you’re looking for a way to wear a ponytail and make it look extra girl and romantic to match your outfit.

low side ponytail

low side

  • Retro ponytail – looking for ways to spice up your plain ol’ ponytail? Why not give it a retro-ish vibe by adding a big sleek bump on your crown and curling the ends a little bit to give it a slight flirty flick? It’s very mod and would look quite nice with a cat eye and some bright red lips.


  • Sleek athletic ponytail – if you’re looking for a way to wear your ponytail to the gym and not have to worry about it while you workout, try a sleek athletic ponytail. Gather your hair up in a ponytail as high as you can manage, smoothen it out and secure with a hair tie as tight as you can. You wouldn’t want your ponytail to be falling back off when you’re halfway through your workout.

sleek sleek high

  • Princess Jasmine’s ponytail – when you want a ponytail look that would make your hair very voluminous and interesting, try doing Princess Jasmine’s ponytail from Aladdin. It’s not as complicated as it sounds. All you need is to do a regular high ponytail and then tease your hair to give it a bit more volume and then start tying the tail off, making bulb like sections as you go. Don’t forget to top It off with a pretty headband!

jasmine inspiration jasmine ponytail

  • Bridal ponytail – despite its name, this ponytail look can be worn even if you are nowhere near becoming a bride. This ponytail style is ideal if you just want something really romantic to wear to a date or an event. A bridal ponytail is simply one that has the ‘tail’ part filled with luscious curls that give it its romantic vibe. Fancy and sparkly adornments complete this look to a T though you can skip this and substitute with regular hair accessories instead if you don’t want to look too much of a bride.

bridal ponytail