8 Short Hairstyles Inspired by Celebrities to Try Out

Tired of having to spend tons of money and a lot of time just to keep your long hair looking healthy and shiny? Why not get a haircut and have your hair chopped short? It’s a big change, especially if you’ve had long hair all your life, but it’s something that you’ll thank yourself for in the long run. Rocking a short hairstyle may take some time to get used to but as long as you get the right haircut for your face shape, you’ll definitely be able to pull it off. Short hair is also much more manageable than long hair. It requires less products on a regular basis and needs less treatments, too. Here are 10 gorgeous short hairstyles inspired by celebrities. Check them out and maybe try one on your next haircut appointment.

  • Charlize Theron’s super short bob – Charlize Theron sports a super short bob cut proving that a sexy look does not necessarily require one to have long locks. Charlize’s short hair gives her a strong and edgy look which creates balance against her soft, feminine features.

charlize theron hair charlize theron

  • Lady Gaga’s vintage cut – Lady Gaga’s classic cut is such a refreshing sight to see. After seeing the singer in so many different hairstyles (mostly wigs), it’s nice to see her rocking her natural hair with a cool vintage vibe.

lady gaga

  • Coco Rocha’s edgy look – supermodel Coco Rocha gets her luscious long locks chopped to rock an edgy asymmetrical haircut. She had the sides of her hair cropped to maximum shortness with dramatically long sections up front to serve as a cool fringe.

coco rocha

  • Anne Hathaway’s androgynous look – Anne Hathaway’s facial features are rather strong and bold so when she decided to cut her hair short and wear a pixie cut, the result was a divine androgynous look that anyone would definitely be jealous of.

anne hathaway

  • Michelle Williams’ well-maintained cut – short has always been the way Michelle Williams wore her hair and it’s been quite the signature look for her but even a start like her knows that no matter how classic your hair is, if you keep and wear it the same way for years, it will look boring and dated. This is why she recently started updating her short hair.

michelle williams

  • Alicia Keys’ sleek short hair – if you’re looking for a haircut that’s short, sleek and smooth, have your hair cut a la Alicia Keys. The singer’s super sophisticated bob is parted deep on the side. It’s the perfect haircut for someone as chic as Ms. Keys.

alicia keys

  • Miley Cyrus’ faux hawk – lately Miley has been pulling off a lot of publicity stunts by twerking, always having her tongue out on photos, wearing rather trashy clothes and chopping off her hair into a seriously short cut. Of all these, though, the last one seems to be the most tasteful decision she’s made in a while. The new ‘do certainly gave Miley a cool and hip new look.

miley cyrus

  • Keira Knightley’s old school bob – Keira shows us that old school is definitely not uncool. Keira isn’t a newbie in sporting a short haircut but when she decided to get an old school bob, her strong features were beautifully softened and framed making her look super fabulous.

keira knightley hair keira knightley