Auburn hair color

Fire up your appearance with Auburn hair

If you want to turn heads, then you need to glam up your look with Auburn hair. Most people associate Auburn with Chestnut, but the former leans toward the red side while the latter is more of brown. Auburn hair occurs naturally in Europeans, but with the help of hair dyes you can achieve this look in just a few minutes’ time.Auburn it is a  reddish brown hair color.

auburn hair color


Before you buy a bottle of Auburn Hair Dye, you first need to take a look at yourself in the mirror. If you have dark skin, choose a lighter Auburn dye. If you have a lighter complexion, go for a darker auburn shade. With hair color, contrast is key. You need to work with a hair color opposite your skin tone in order to bring out your facial features.

Best brands

There are many hair dye brands out there, but you need to pick the best label in order to come with a great look. Recommended brands include Clairol Natural Instincts in Chestnut Reddish Brown and Clairol Nice N’ Easy Perfect in Light Auburn. Maintain your auburn tresses by using Bumble & Bumble Color Support Shampoo and Conditioner for red hair.

redish-brown-auburn hair

What to do

The Auburn dye can easily stain your skin and your floors so you need to avoid spillage or wipe it immediately. Cover the floors with newspaper before starting with the dyeing process. In case of spillage, wipe the area immediately.

reddish brown hair color

After coloring your hair, you can remove the red staining on your neck or on the area near the ears by applying Petroleum Jelly.

auburn red _hair_color


A change in your hair color also calls for a change in your make-up. Now that you have auburn hair, you need to revise your make-up philosophy. Draw attention to your eyes by going for smoky eye colors such as black, gray, or brown. Dab light pink blush-on on your cheeks, and finish the look with light pink lipstick. You can also go with a red lipstick to achieve the look of Old Hollywood glam.

Julianne-Moore- auburn hair color


Now that you rock auburn hair, you need to change the way you style yourself. The best way to go is to pick earthy colors such as dark green, orange, red, olive green, camel, brown, and beige.

ashlee simpson auburn hair

Wear black only as bottoms, as picking an ebony top might make you look pallid. Should you wear a black dress, complement it with an earth-toned jacket or shawl.