Best of the Best Highlighted Hair Ideas

To achieve a totally different “you”, highlighting your hair is one of the best strategies to do it. Spice up your life with adding some vibrantly attractive color in your hair. Improve your hair color. Give it a touch of the kind of look you’ll certainly love.

It can be noted that highlighted hair ideas are widely made available in the fashion industry today. Tips and significant advices are offered in every corner of the market. Beauty stores and even high- end salons offer this kind of grooming service for both men and women.

Highlighted hair ideas give you an extra hair texture and astonishing attitude to your entire personality.  Basically, a perfect selection for a highlight is a way to achieve the look that you desire to have. However, a wrong choice for a hair color turns everything down in a snap.

ombre highlights

Below are some of the great tips that everybody must know beforehand.

First, use a darker color at your roots. Thus, it must complement a lighter tone as it travels towards the tips of your hair. Contrast is best achieved through this. Not just that! These contrasting elements will certainly look good as your hair grows longer.

medium length highlighted hair

Second, go for a brighter look by choosing a hair highlight in blonde or gold tones. Of course, you can always take advantage with a darker shade in plum and chestnut for a darker facet.

Third; if you are aiming for a versatile look for your hair, grab two or three highlight colors in the same family of colors. This creates a beautiful twist in your hair color.


Additionally, a perfect highlight color must jive with the tone of the skin. Explicitly, those women who are gifted with a naturally- tan skin can best fit with blonde. It’s contrast, remember? Therefore, it goes the same way with the white-skinned women. Consequently, the latter types of girls go awesomely with lowlights.

victoria beckham highlights

Generally speaking, highlights and lowlights can bring out a thicker and more beautiful hair. This further creates depth.

To continue, for ordinary and sun-kissed highlights, a natural hair color as applied in thin strands or sparingly through the bangs is an ideal choice to make.

highlighted hair

Another thing! If you are adding highlights to your hair for a special event, you better have it done at least two or three weeks before to bring the best in your highlight.

Subtle highlights

subtle highlights

pink and green highlights

avril-lavigne-pink and green highlights

These are few of the numerous highlighted hair ideas that every woman must understand in achieving a perfectly-looking highlighted hair.