Best Holiday Hairstyles Inspired by Celebrities

Oh how time flies! Holidays are here again. That means it’s going to be a constant string of parties from here on until the New Years. This year, why not go all out and sport a celebrity inspired holiday ‘do? After all, celebrities are always some of the best and most stylish when it comes to hairstyles, thanks to their hairstylists. You don’t need to head over to a salon to get the best holiday hairstyles inspired bu celebrities. With just a few basic hair tools and products and some patience and creativity, you can look like your favorite celeb for any holiday celebration party to come!

  • Keep it Klassik Like a Kardashian – Kim Kardashian, one of the more famous sisters among the brood, is known for her simple yet glamorous hairstyles. One of the hairstyles that Kim K sports every so often is the classic top knot. This hairstyle is perfect if you want a simple but elegant look for the holidays. It’s very quick and easy to make so you can do it even if you’re pressed for time. Kim’s top knot is always high up and sleek but of course, you can wear it lower and make it a little messier if you want a more casual top knot.

top knot kim k top knot

  • Sexy, messy and deep like K. Stew – effortlessly fab – those two words are perhaps the best words one can use to describe Kirsten Stewart’s signature hairstyle which is parted deep and slicked back on one side. She’s also know for sporting a messy hairdo = something she’s so good at. To get the same hair as Kirsten for the holidays, dampen your hair and scrunch with gel or mousse then do a deep side part. Tousle your hair before you step out for an extra sexy look.

deep side part kstew

deep side part

  • Lady Gaga’s hair bow – it doesn’t get anymore festive than this: Lady Gaga’s hair bows! When Gaga first started wearing her hair is a bow made from her own hair, she got odd comments but later, it seemed like everyone else in Hollywood was sporting the look! if you want to get Lady Gaga’s eccentric hairstyle for the holidays, you can do your own hair bow or buy a fake hair bow clip and simply attach it. it’s simple, fun and festive. Perfect for the holiday season.

bow lady gaga bow hair bun

  • Pixie Lady – we’ve seen how she has transformed from the cutesy little nerdy witch to a truly gorgeous and stunning young lady. Right before our very eyes, Emma Watson has gone from the thick almost-kinky curly hair to the sexy pixie cut that made everyone go ‘wow’. If you’re looking for a hairstyle that’s easy to style and manage for the holidays, why not get a pixie cut like Emma? It’s sleek, chic and sexy and, with a little bit of maintenance, it grows out into a lovely bob.

pixie haircut emma watson pixie hair cut

  • Gossip Girl glam – Leighton Meester who played the lead role in Gossip Girl as Blair Waldorf is surely one of the most stylish celebrities in Hollywood. Meester is known for always wearing her hair down in loose beachy waves. Her hairstyle is perfect if you want something casual, relaxed and girly for the holidays.

loose waves leighton meester

loose waves