Blonde hair colors

Different blonde hair colors

Maybe you’re aching to know if blondes do have more fun. Now, you can do so with the many blonde color dyes out there. But before you go crazy with bleaching your hair, you need to know more about the different blonde hair colors and what will look best on you.

Platinum Blonde

platinum blonde bob

This hair color is considered as one of the most expensive, because it requires a lot of bleach and the help of a professional hairstylist to come up with this look.

jenny-mccarthy -blonde -hairstyle

The Platinum Blonde color or Towhead only occurs naturally in young kids.

gwen-stefani- hair and makeup

But if you want to achieve Towhead hair just like that of Gwen Stefani, then you need to seek the help of  a stylist as doing it by yourself can result in a bleach gone bad.

Honey or Caramel Blonde

Jennifer-Aniston- honey blonde  hair

This warm blonde look is one of the best because it suits any type of skin color. Honey or Caramel Blonde hair, which is sported by celebrities such as Jennifer Aniston, is easy to maintain.

dark blonde caramel  hair color

You can do it on your own as long as you pick the right shade for your look. If you have a cool skin tone, remember to choose shades with buttery and beige hues.

Dirty Blonde

dirty blonde


This hue is another great color for those who want to change their hair colors as this shade goes well with light or dark skin. Because this is a neutral color, any woman can pull this color off. Also called as dishwater blonde, this color is characterized by dark blonde hair with flecks of brown and golden blonde. To break the monotony of this shade, you can add light blonde highlights to achieve a sunny look.

dark blonde hair

dark blonde hair

Ash Blonde

ash blone hair

Women with cool skin tones will benefit from dying their hair in ash blonde. What’s great about this color is it’s in between – it’s not too dark and it’s not too light. This classy color gives you an aura of femininity and sophistication. To add pizzazz to your look (especially during the autumn season), you can add dark blonde, brown or copper lowlights.

Strawberry Blonde

strawberry blonde hair color

This color is somewhere in between blonde and red. Also known as Venetian blonde, this color looks best with women who have pale and fair skin tones. This color contrasts your fair skin and makes you stand out. Women with freckles will enjoy this color as it can match their face spots.