Blonde Hair With Lowlights

How to have gorgeous blonde hair with lowlights

Blonde hair with lowlights is a great way to achieve a stunning look without all the fuss. With lowlights, you can add darker shades to your flashy blonde hair to tone down your hair color. While blonde hair with lowlights makes for a great fall look, you can also make this your signature hair style for the summer. If you want to achieve perfect blonde hair with lowlights – samples which you can see in celebrities such as Carrie Underwood and Hillary Duff, then here are tips you need to keep in mind.   Contrast is central in picking the right shade of lowlights or highlights. To achieve lovely blonde hair with lowlights, you need to select light brown colors or deeper blonde hues. Great examples include beige, honey, toffee, bronze, and caramel.

Rebecca Gayheart hairstyle with lowlights

Blonde hair with brown lowlights 


Choose lowlights that complement your skin color To get the appropriate type of lowlights for your blonde hair, you need to consider your skin tone as well. If you have fair skin with cool undertones just like Michelle Williams, your blonde hair will go great with dark chocolate and medium lowlights. Light brown and deep blonde colors will work as well.   If you have warm undertones going with your fair skin just like Jamie King, try lowlights colored medium or dark brown. Caramel and golden brown lowlights will also add the ‘oomph’ to your look.

Blonde Hair with  caramel lowlights

caramel blonde hair

Women with medium-colored skin with cool undertones similar to Hayden Pannettiere can benefit from lowlights such as light brown and black. Those with warm undertones like Katherine Heigl will succeed with colors such as deep red and golden brown. Those with dark skin with cool undertones like Beyonce can pull off blonde with lowlights of any type, because any color will not be ‘too dark’ to go with your skin hue. For a unique look, try deep cherry, dark red, even purple or blue-hued black lowlights.

Blonde hair with dark lowlights:

blonde hair lowlights

The same luck goes with Jessica Biel and other women with dark skin and warm undertones. They can try lowlight colors that were mentioned, and even consider hues such as warm brown and deep caramel.

White hair with black lowlights

WhBlonde is a beautiful hair color that can have a more dramatic effect with the help of appropriate lowlights. The key is to always make sure that your hair colors work in harmony. Always remember to consider your hair color and skin tone first before you go crazy lowlighting your hair. Follow these professional tips and you can definitely tell the world that blondes DO have more fun!

Platinum blonde with red lowlights

Christina Aguilera