Blue black hair

Blue Black Hair is a great shade which works by contrasting your face, therefore as making your beautiful facial features pop out. If you want to have the kind Blue Black Hair that you can see on many famous celebs such as Mena Suvari, Kristen Kreuk, and Salma Hayek, then here are some tips you need to follow.

Pairing your blue black hair

Blue Black Hair color  is perfect for women with cool and neutral skin tones. This is because the deep, dark color has an antagonizing effect on their skin hues which makes the hair color pop out. Think about the fashion chameleon Dita Von Teese. Her pasty white skin is the perfect pair for her blue black hair.

When it comes to hair color, it’s important to make it one of your face’s attractive points. Choosing a color near to your skin tone will mute the delineation between your hair and your face.

Black Hair color also goes great with women who are lucky to have blue-colored eyes. This cerulean eye hue is heavenly, and having a blue black hair will make this fine feature stand out more.

Amazing black hair and blue eyes of Adriana Lima..

Blue Black Hair color also makes ‘warm’ eye colors get more attention. As with the rule dark complements light, eye tones such as golden brown, hazel, turquoise and green will work well with blue black hair.

If you wish to dye your hair to blue black, opt for well-received hair dye brands such as Garnier Nutrisse or Clairol Nice and Easy.

Giving your black hair more ‘life’

While blue black hair is a great accessory in itself, you might find yourself wanting to experiment more with it. Well, adding highlights can make your beautiful hair color even more stunning.

As it has been said throughout this article, contrast plays an important role with hair color. With blue black hair, you need to consider colors that will pop out – such as red and blonde. Remember, when adding highlights to your blue black hair, keep a maximum of eight streaks mixed in well so to avoid a compartmentalized look.

Clothes fit for your blue black hair

Contrast is also pivotal when choosing clothes that will go with your blue black hair color. Choose warm-hued clothes in order to make your blue black hair more noticeable. Choosing clothing colors from the same range of the color wheel will make you look like Morticia Adams or an ‘Emo punk,’ – unless that is the look you are gunning for.


Blue black hair is a great accessory which needs no attachment and set-up. As long as you keep ‘contrast’ in mind, you can successfully pull of blue black hair wherever, whenever.