Glamorous Bob Hairstyles

With a great variety of Bob hairstyles, every female can have the appropriate cut to complement her face shape and hair quality. Here are several styles which can make you look fab even without the long hair.

Angular bob. This style, also called an A-line bob, has a back shorter than the front. From the side, you will see its angular design. Also called the inverted bob or the graduated bob, this edgy and youthful hairstyle is perfect for women who want to look chic and revitalized.

Short Angular Bob

Very popular ombre trend

cute ombre bob

 Asymmetrical bob. This hairstyle is similar to the angular bob, however you will notice that one side of your hair is longer than the other one. This style is great for both straight and curly hair.

Asymmetrical Bob

Beautiful black Bob with straight bangs

black bob with straight bangs

Long bob. For women with strong jawlines, the long bob is the perfect hairstyle to have. As the name suggests, the bob is longer than the traditional hairstyles, and can be worn in a curly way. With a long bob, the locks veer the looker’s attention away from your jaws. Jazz up your look by adding fringes or blunt bangs to your long bob.

Long Bob hairstyle

 Shoulder-length bob. This simple yet sexy hairstyle is great for all face shapes. Add pizzazz to this look by asking your stylist to give you layers in the back.

cute wavy bob

For best results, have your tips thinned with scissors or razors for a funky, jagged look. Maintain this hairstyle by using volumizing hair products and a big paddle brush. Remember to use a gloss spray before you use your good flat iron.

shoulder length bob

Jaw-length bob. This short hairstyle is great for women with straight hair. Make this look perfect by asking your stylist to give you blunt, straight bangs just above your eyebrows. For women with round faces, you can make it look longer by telling your stylist to give you lengthier, side-swept bangs.

Jaw-length Bob Rihanna

Choppy bob. Women with fine hair are afraid of getting bobs in fear of having flat, lifeless hair. But even if you have fine hair, you don’t have to worry about this from happening because a choppy bob can give you a great look.

choppy layered bob

The secret behind this hairstyle is its length and layers, which will make your hair appear to have more volume.

choppy bob celeb hairstyle