13 Chic Bohemian hair ideas

 Just Look at  beautiful Bohemian hair .The Boho style  is very famous nowadays, with this style being channeled by many celebrities such as Sienna Miller, Nicole Richie, Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen. Apart from wearing flowy and airy clothes, there’s more to Boho than just apparel. To get the complete look, you need to fix your tresses in Boho hairstyles.

Want to be just like your Boho icons? If you want your locks to look hip and edgy, then here Boho hairstyles which you can try out at home.


Simple braid

boho_chic_ braids hairstyle

This is perhaps the easiest Boho hairstyle which you can finish right before you go to work. Just take small sections of your hair on each side of your head, and braid them. Make sure that both braids meet at the center, and tie them up in an elastic band. With this style you can look effortlessly Boho in under five minutes.

Messy updo

boho hairstyle-updo

Boho is about being laid back. Channel this attitude by designing your locks in a messy updo. Take two medium sections of your hair from each side and twist them. Secure them with bobby pins. After you have flaunted each side of your hair with twists, take the rest of your hair and wrap it around in a messy bun. Now you have a carefree boho hairstyle which you can wear at school, work, or even a gala dinner.

chain headpiece messy bun

Grecian goddess

eva-mendes- up do hairstyle

Greeks didn’t know it but their ancient updos are truly reminiscent of the Boho hairstyles today. To channel this Boho goddess look, take a small section of hair from either the left or right of your head. Braid it up and secure with an elastic hair band. Now take the rest of your hair (together with your braid) and tie it in a ponytail, making sure your locks are cascading down your chest. Take a glittery elastic headband and place it on your head. Now you’re looking like a Grecian goddess in just under five minutes!

grecian hairstyle

Multiple twists

Angelina-Jolie- grecian updo

For a unique boho updo, part your hair into several sections – about four will do. Take each section and twist it up, securing your locks in a bobby pin. Do the same for the other sections, making sure that the twists meet on the center of your head. This Boho hairstyle is perfect for a night out with friends, or for an official function at work.

Bohemian hair and Boho waves


Bohemian waves with Headbands made from braids or hair twists 

Boho-Waves with braids

Bohemian hairstyles with flower headbands

bohemian hairstyles with flower headbands

Boho hair with double braided headband

boho hair with braids

Boho hair piece

Boho hair piece

Just boho style..

bohemian hair and style

Fishtail braid – beautiful bohemian hair

fishtail braid

Nothing screams Boho more than a fishtail hairdo. For this style you just need to take a section of your hair and braid it into a fine fishtail. For the total Boho look, let this fishtail pop out amidst your wavy or curly hair.