Rocking your bright red hair

bright red hair braidHow to have (and rock) bright red hair

Only a few can dare to go for bright red locks. If you’re one who’s willing to take the risk, then here are some tips that can help you rock and maintain a headful of fire red hair.

If your eyes is green then paint your hair bright red for  the extra hot remarkable look

bright red hair and green eyes

Consider your complexion and eye color first. Unfortunately, not all people can pull off a bright red shade. This type of hair color is best for women with pale skin and light eyes. As you see, celebrities who were able to rock bright red hair all have alabaster skin, like Nicole Kidman, Christina Hendricks, and Haley Williams of Paramore.

A Darker shade of red

bright red hair color

Lighten your hair up prior to dyeing. The best way to achieve bright red hair is to have blonde or light hair. Natural-born blondes can go ahead with the dyeing process, but those with black and treated, dark blonde hair need to bleach their locks first.

bright red hairdo with headband and sidebangs

Style it up with lowlights. While bright red hair is already very fashionable, you can change your look by adding lowlights. Before going crazy with this, remember the cardinal rule of applying lowlight: choose colors at least three colors darker than your present hair color. If you go for a darker shade, the lowlights will stand out – the bad way.Or you simply can choose red hair extensions with slightly different shade.

rihanna-bright red-hair

Take care of your bright red locks. Red dye molecules are smaller than the colors of brunette and blonde, so it easily fades away. So for 24-48 hours after dyeing your hair red, don’t wash it! The detergents in the shampoo can strip away the hair color. Unfortunately, once you have committed to having a headful of bright red hair, you need to avoid sun exposure and chlorine water from swimming pools as these can make your bright red hair dull.What bright red hair dye to choose ? There is so many , from manic panic hair dye to classic L’Oreal!All depends from  your preferred shade!

Red hot hair with straight bangs

hayley-williams hor red hair

Use the right “red” shampoo. The best way to maintain your bright red hair is to use an enhancing shampoo for red hair. Recommended brands include the JKS Rocket Red Shampoo and the Alterna Caviar Anti-Aging Red Shampoo.

bright red long hair

Complement your hair with the right shade of make-up. After dyeing your hair red, you need to shift your make-up philosophies in order for them to work with your new hair color.

makeup for blue eyes and red hair

Redheads are advised to stay away from pink and orangey shades as these can clash with your hair shade. Best make-up colors include violet, green, and other shades ‘forest’ shades.

Pale skin , blue eyes and beautiful red hair

cute bright red long  layered hair

Bright red hair is a true fashion statement. But before you dye your hair, remember to keep these rules in mind in order to have the perfect look.