Brown hair color shades

Brown hair color shades which complement your skin tone

Brown or brunette hair is a general hair color which work on women with cool and warm undertones. Those with neutral skin colors will also look well with brown hair. If you’re thinking of dyeing your hair in this color, then here are the different brown hair color shades which can complement your skin and eye color.

megan fox dark brown hair
megan fox dark brown hair

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Ash brown

ash brown hair color

This hair shade has green or blue undertones, though these undertones are not that apparent. This color is best for women who want to have brunette hair minus the common red undertones. Women with cool undertones will look dazzling in this hair tone. Any contrasting hair color will work great as highlights for ash brown hair. If you want to make a statement, try putting red highlights on your ash brown hair!

Auburn Brown

ashlee-simpson- auburn hair color

This hair color, on the other hand, has undertones of red and copper. Auburn is considered a light to medium brown hair color. Women with warm skin tone will look ravishing with this bright brown color. If you want to darken your strands, you can do so with the help of dark brown hair dyes.

Light brown

kim-kardashian- light brown hair

Light brown hair is characterized by having gold or blonde hair interspersed along the way. This color works best in women with warm undertones. Should you decide to dye your hair in this shade, make sure to add highlights near your face for a more regal look. Great highlights ideas include blonde, or other colors at least two shades away from your current hair tone.

Golden brown

Lauren-Conrad- golden brown hair color

Considered as one of the most famous brunette shades, golden brown tresses can range from light, medium, to dark. Under the sun, this hair color shows golden undertones. Those with warm undertones will look nice in golden brown hair. If you are one who wants to make your skin tone look warmer, having your hair colored in this shade will truly help you out.

Dark brown

dark brown hair adriana lima

Glossy brown hair is beautiful!

shiny  wavy brown hair

This deep brown shade is also known as rich, midnight, or coffee. Once you have dyed your hair to dark brown, it’s important for you to preserve its sheen by using shine enhancers and conditioners. Women with warm undertones will look stunning in this hair shade. Those with olive skin tones will also enjoy this hair color. To add more pizzazz to your look, you can add highlights on your hair such as light brown or blonde.

Add extra something to your brown hair, for example pink highlights!

dark brown hair with purple highlights