Causes of Hair Breakage You Need to Know and Avoid

When your hair breaks every time you brush, comb or run your fingers through, your hair might thin out earlier than you would like. Hair breakage isn’t healthy and it’s one of the biggest hair issues you need to watch out for and address. There are a lot of things that cause hair breakage. Some of these are really easy to prevent while some need extensive treatment and attention. If you are suffering from hair breakage, check out the list we’ve compiled for causes of hair breakage you need to know and avoid. Knowing what causes hair breakage can help prevent it so read on!

  • Dryness – when your hair is dry, it tends to break more easily since it’s brittle. Dryness is actually one of the major and most common causes of hair breakage. Your hair can get dry because of a lot of things including heat, pollution, styling and the products you use on it. You can, however, avoid dryness in your hair by using moisturizing hair products like hair serums and leave in conditioners throughout the day. Giving your hair a deep conditioning treatment at least once a week can also help replenish moisture lost in your hair and keep our locks from being dry.

dry dry hair

  • Wearing tight hairstyles – we all love that sleek look we get from a tight bun or ponytail but try not to sport the look too often as a tight hairstyle can make your hair break more easily since it’s more constricted. If you must wear your hair in a tight hairstyle, try to loosen it as soon as you can to let your hair breathe and relax.

tight hairstyle


  • Over-processing – your hair is considered your crowning glory so it is quite understandable that you try to do a lot of things to it to make it pretty and glamorous. However, all those things you do to your hair like dyeing, styling with heat and having treatments using chemicals (semi-permanent straightening, curling and perming) done to it can lead to over-processing and when your hair is over-processed, it becomes more prone to breakage.  To avoid this, try to limit hair processing to once in every two or three months at the very least so that your hair has enough time to recuperate.

over processed hair overprocessed

  • Heat styling – every girl has a love-hate relationship with heat styling. It’s very convenient if you need to get your hair looking fab in a short period of time but it’s also very damaging to the hair, especially when done regularly. Luckily, there are a plethora of heat protectant products out there that you can use on your hair before you expose it to heat styling. Using a heat protectant will leave a protective film on your hair that will act as a barrier so that the heat from styling tools will not penetrate your hair, preventing it from breakage.

heat heat styling

  • Brushing while wet – this one is something we’re all guilty of. We know it’s bad for our hair but we tend to forget because it’s just so convenient to grab a brush and use it on your hair to detangle while it’s wet. Instead of using a brush, use a wide-toothed comb when detangling wet hair. Better yet, use your fingers and run them through to get rid of tangles in your hair while wet.

wet hair wet hair brushing