Celebrity Pixie Cuts That Will Encourage You to Get Your Hair Chopped Off

A pixie cut is very convenient. The length is ideal if you want a haircut that’s easy to manage and will get your hair away from your face every time. It’s also quite sleek and stylish, especially for those who want to rock a polished chick look. Not a lot of women go for the pixie cut simply because they think it’s more masculine than feminine. It’s true that not everyone can sport this cut and look good in it but it’s always worth a try. This haircut has been one a favorite in Hollywood for years now and a lot of celebs love it because it’s so convenient and easy to style. Planning on getting a pixie cut soon? Here are celebrity pixie cuts that will encourage you to get your hair chopped off.

  • Cate Blanchett – to those who have always wanted a pixie cut but never got around to it because you’re afraid of looking too ‘tomboyish’, just take a look at these pictures of Cate Blanchett in her pixie cut and see how she was able to make this masculine cut look so feminine. Cate’s a pro when it comes to sporting a pixie cut. She knows how to make it look classy and elegant. Her secret? A simple cut that’s not too edgy and a girly hair color like strawberry blonde to make it look really pretty.

cate blanchett cate

  • Halle Berry – Halle Berry has sported the pixie cut for so long now that it’s almost just right to call her Pixie Queen. Halle’s pixie cuts were always fierce, sexy and bold. She always has the kind of pixie cut that evokes powerfulness and edginess at the same time. We like how her gorgeous face and her to-die-for sexy bod always looks even better with a tousled pixie complete with all the cool but subtle spikes.


halle berry

  • Katharine McPhee – while we all know that Katharine McPhee looks fab in just about any haircut, I think it’s safe to say that she has never looked more chic as when she sported a pixie cut. Katherine has always sported romantic hairstyles like loose curls and flowy waves but her pixie cut was just plain awesome. She looked so different in it and it’s the kind of different you’ll want after you start becoming tired of the same old look. Those long fringes she added to her pixie totally made the cut look so chic.

katharine katharine mcphee

  • Rihanna – Bad gal RiRi sure has had more than her fair share of pixie cuts enough to inspire anyone and everyone. From the iconic pixie cut she sported that featured a classic pixie cut shape to the more modern and experimental ones, Rihanna just proves that there’s more to a pixie cut than being just another style. It’s a statement in and of its own as well.

rihanna rihanna pixie

  • Emma Watson – and lastly, whose jaws didn’t drop when Emma came out with her fresh new pixie cut a few years ago? Her hair was truly one of the biggest and best transformations she’d undergone and we all love it! We love how she was brave enough to get her hair chopped off when every other celeb her age is busy growing their hair and wearing extensions. We love how fierce her pixie cut came to be and we also love how it grew out into a beautiful bob months after.

 emma watson emma watson