Cool and Funky Hair Coloring Ideas

Changing your hair color is one of the quickest and easiest things you can do if you want to spice up your look without really having to do anything too big or too drastic. It’s also a creative way to explore and express your style and to make a statement as well. Most formulas for hair coloring, especially those for semi-permanent color, contain lots of harmful chemicals that may damages the hair. Aside from that, they require long term commitment as well and they can be quite difficult and expensive to maintain. If you like to change up your looks every now and then, you should definitely give washable hair dye products a go. they’re easy to apply, lighter on the pocket, less damaging and you can get rid of all the color at the end of the day and use a new color the next day. Here are some cool and funky hair coloring ideas that you can try out with these washable hair dyes.

  • Ombre tips – if you have really long hair, this will look really gorgeous on you. If it’s a little shorter, though, it may end up just looking like regular ombre. Use fun colors like green or purple and do an ombre just at the tips of your hair, about 5 to 7 inches (or more if your hair is really long. It’s going to look super hip and it’s also a nice way to add a pop of color to your look.

orange ombre tips pink ombre tips

  • Reverse ombre – now, if you’re looking for a cooler way to do an ombre and don’t want to just stick with the regular one, you can always do it reversed. Instead of a light color going darker down the way, you can do dark color on your roots and make it lighter until it reaches your tips. It may not look very natural but it sure is going to look amazing.

reverse purple ombre roots

reverse ombre mermaid hair

  • Use hair chalk – hair chalk is super easy to use but it can be quite messy to use. If you just want to add some fun colors on your hair and you already have it done, simply use some hair chalk on the areas you want to have some color and keep sweeping it on until you reach your preferred color intensity. You can also use your hair as a blank canvass and draw something artistic on your hair while it’s down.

hair chalk hair chalk braids

  • Under layer – adding color only on the layers underneath your hair so your natural hair color shows on top is another cool way to color your locks. The colors underneath will do sort of a peek a boo every time your hair moves or sways or every time you sweep it away from your face.

blue under layer color red underlayer black top color

  • Random fun streaks – if you just want to look funky with your hair color, take different colors of washable hair dye or hair chalk and just do random streaks all around your head without any rhyme or rhythm, kinda like how Katy Perry sometimes has pink and blue streaks on her curly hair.

pink and blue streaks random pink streaks