Crazy Hairstyles

Crazy hairstyles and  Crazy hair day ideas

Your hair is one of your best accessories. It can make you look good, or it can make you look bad. If you don’t want to be just like another girl, then styling your hair uniquely can make you stand out. Whether it’s a Halloween party, or an eccentric occasion with friends, you can pull off a one-of-a-kind style with these crazy hairstyles as your guide.

light purple pastel hair

Multicolor braid. Dyeing your hair in shocking pink or electric blue is considered by most as crazy, but coloring your hair in rainbow hues is crazier. Add class to this eclectic splash of colors by wearing your locks in a beautiful braid.

pastel hair tutorial

Statue of Liberty. This famous monument, given by the French to the American people, is a symbol of change and new beginnings. Become just like this noteworthy statue by styling your tresses in the form of Lady Liberty’s crown. You have to be careful when donning this hairstyle though, because you might injure a few people if you don’t say “Lady Liberty coming through” before you pass by.

crazy hair

Antelope horns. This trend will literally make your hairs stand on two ends. An antelope horn is a crazy hairstyle defined by two horns protruding from your head. With this unique style you need to have loads of spray net and hair products splattered on your hair for it to sustain its appearance. It might be quite a task to pull this look off, but you’ll truly turn heads with your trendy horns.

horns from hair

Bald ponytail. To pull this crazy hairstyle you need to have a lot of guts – to go bald in the center and have curly ponytails on the side. With this look you don’t have to use a lot of styling products, yet you have to endure several months of having a big, bald spot on your head (the upside is you don’t have to use as much shampoo as you would have before.) If you want to look more unique, you can dye each ponytail in a different color.

banded ponytails

Ultra long Mohawk.

mohawk for girls

The Mohawk hairstyle is oftentimes sported by men. It’s not considered super crazy, but if you make the standing hairs longer, it’s a different league on its own. Further spice up your look by dyeing your Mohawk in a rad color, such as red or orange.

Blonde hair with pink and blue tips

blonde hair with pink and blue tips

As with other hairstyles, you would need a lot of hairnet for this look, but it will truly make you the talked-about belle in the ball.