Cute and Chic Hairstyles for Humid Weather

One of the things that all women take care of is the hair because it adds to their beauty and their feeling of femininity. Aside from that, having really nice hair can also make you look more pleasant and attractive, especially when it’s down with the wind blowing on it. With the temps getting warmer and warmer as summer comes closer, though, humidity starts to become a problem. The humid weather can have a really nasty effect on your hair. It can make your hair feel sticky and look poofy and gross. If you live in an area where humidity is one of your biggest hair woes or if you’re simply prepping your hair for summer, check out these cute and chic hairstyles for humid weather that will keep your hair looking beautiful all the time.

  • Braided bun – the braided bun is a fun way to wear your regular old bun and give it a more romantic twist. There are plenty of ways to do a braided bun and you can incorporate any kind of braid that you know into this hairstyle, be it the regular everyday ordinary braid or a more complex one like a fishtail braid, a French braid of a 5-strand braid. Our favorite way to do the braided bun is to French braid the hair all the way down to the tips, secure the braid with an elastic band and then coil the braided tail into a neat bun. You can do it anyway you like, though but the texture achieved when doing this is just perfect and it holds up with humidity pretty well too.

double french braid bun fishtail braid bun

  • Messy top knot – for a really easy look that you can wear every day, try doing the messy top knot. What’s great about doing a messy top knot is that you don’t have to worry about it being perfect all the time before you head out and it keeps you cool throughout the day as well plus there’s very minimal need for redoing your hair all throughout the day , too! Perfect for women on the go or for really active girls.

cute messy top knot

messy poofy top knot

  • Loop ponytail – looking for a hairstyle that can keep your hair contained during the warm humid summer weather? Messy hairstyles are super popular during this time and they’re really practical, too, but if you need something classier and fancier, why not give the loop ponytail a short? It’s real simple but the end results look gorgeous and glamorous. Check out the step by step photo guide below.

how to loop ponytail side loop ponytail on dark hair

  • Sectioned ponytail – now, if you’re looking for a more casual or even a street style variation of the conventional ponytail, here’s something you might like: the sectioned ponytail. It’s really interesting and it’s also kind of reminiscent of Princess Jasmine’s hair (from Aladdin). Just do your regular ponytail and tie off little sections until you reach the end and then, if you like, pull on the sections a little bit to get more volume.

sectioned ponytail segmented ponytail how to

  • Retro inspired half updo – if you’re the kind who likes to keep her hair down but is also looking for a hairstyle that will help your hair deal with humidity, half updos are for you. Try doing a retro inspired updo by adding a little bit of volume to your crown before tying the upper half section of your hair into a simple half up half down hairstyle. Go easy on the volume as the humidity tends to double it up by midday.

poofy half ponytail retro half updo