Cute and Simple Hairstyles While Working Out

We work out to stay fit, toned and healthy and it’s also a nice way to release stress and toxins that the body accumulated over a certain period of time by sweating it all out. When we sweat, though, it’s not the most comfortable feeling in the world. One of the things that I really hate about sweating while working out is when hair, especially when it’s long, starts to stick everywhere. Thankfully, I have a few cute and simple hairstyles while working out that prevents these from happening. If you, too, want to be able to exercise without having to feel grossed out by hair sticking everywhere when you sweat, check out these hairstyles that you can recreate for an intense workout session.

  • Ponytail – before you roll your eyes and say “ugh, ponytails, seriously?!”, let me tell you why this simple and classic hairstyle is ideal for working out. Aside from the fact that it takes literally a minute or less to make, it’s also very forgiving. You can gather your hair up and tie it in a ponytail without having to worry that it looks perfect and sleek because even a messy ponytail looks so good. if you have more time on your hands, you can also dress up your ponytail and add fancy twists to it to create a more interesting look.

sectioned ponytail sporty high ponytail

  • Faux Bob – want short hair but only because it’s convenient when you’re working out? If you’re torn between having long and short hair, it’s time to try doing a faux bob! It’s the best hairstyle you can create that offers the best of both worlds: short hair during workouts and long hair after.

messy faux bob

simple faux bob

  • Bun – another classic and versatile ponytail you can do before working out is the bun. There are plenty of ways to create a bun and you can use whatever method it is that you’re most comfortable with. What makes the bun ideal for working out is that it keeps your hair up in place for as long as you want and it also holds in the sweat so not a lot of it gets to your face to distract you from your routine. If you have some errands to run after your workout sesh, you can use a bit of mousse or gel on your hair just before you do a bun so when you take it off after working out, you get sassy, natural looking waves.

cute sporty bun messy top knot

  • Pigtails – if you like working out and looking cute at the same time, then pigtails are definitely for you! Pigtails are very cute. They’re reminiscent of out childhood days when our moms put our hair in this hairstyle before we went to school. For a more mature take on pigtails, you can do waves on the ‘tails’ to create a chic look.

casual pigtails grown up pig tails

  • Ponytail Braid – if you want something tighter than the regular ponytail or if you simply want something more ornate for a workout hairstyle, why not do ponytail braids? You can do French braids or fishtail braids, whatever braid style(s) it is that you’re most comfortable with.

fishtail ponytail braid rope braid ponytail