Cute Braided Hairstyles

Easy Braided Hairstyles to try out

The braided hairstyle is a traditional look that has been donned by many women throughout the ages. Although this is a classic do, there are many things you can do to modernize this woven style. Here are some contemporary braided hairstyles you ought to try out:

sexy braid headband

Braided headband

With this style, you don’t need a bejeweled headband to keep your locks in style. To make a braided headband, take a section of hair near your nape and braid it. Loop the braid over your head and secure with a hair pin. You can also braid the hair starting from your hear and continue doing so until you have reached the other side of year head.

The braided hairband is perfect for classy occasions, such as your sweet sixteen or high school prom. You can also sport this on a date, if you like.

Loose braid

Miley cyris braid hairstyle


This low-key, low-maintenance braided hairstyle is perfect for school, work, or even the mall. Take the bulk of your hair to one side, and braid it loosely. Use your fingers to gently tug the braid to make it look ‘messier.’ Wrap the braid with a scrunchie similar to the color of your hair for a more subtle look. You can use the Volume Injection Mousse from Garnier or the Root Boost from TIGI to add volume to your braids.

Fishtail braid

fishtail braid


Fishtail braid is similar to the loose braid, but it has a more polished and sleek look. This braided hairstyle is perfect for slightly formal casual events, such as a meeting with the executives, or a class reporting for Chemistry 101. You can also wear it to meet your boyfriend’s parents if you like.

Bohemian side french braid – simple and stylish.

Bohemian side french braid


Just like the loose braid, you need to take the bulk of your hair to one side – but you need to make the braid look kempt and dressy. Add a medium-grip such as the Schwarzkopf volume cream to avoid strands of hair from jumping out.

Amazing micro braid hairstyle

micro braid hairstyle for white girl


‘Hippie’ hair braid

The 70’s hairstyle usually featured women with small braids on their hairs. This fun, youthful look can be done easily by taking a small portion of hair from each side and braiding them well. This laidback braided hairstyle is perfect for school, or for a lunch out with friends.

bohemian hair with braids

There you have it – different braided hairstyles suitable for every hair length. No matter what the occasion might be, there’s a woven hairdo that will make you look effortlessly pretty.